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Dr. Peter Jensen

Coaching Leadership and Personal High Performance Expert

Dr. Peter Jensen has attended seven Olympic games as a member of the Canadian Olympic team, and is a top-rated instructor at the Queen's School of Business. Peter's insights into the universal enablers of 'healthy high performance' have helped Fortune 500 companies in eight countries, and numerous medal-winning Olympic athletes achieve above average results. His newest presentation, Ignite the Third Factor, distills his thirty years of elite sport coaching and his diverse corporate experience into five concrete, actionable lessons in leadership.
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What Olympians Should Be Thinking of Now

My goodness it's almost here! This is not the time to hold on to what you have gained -- it is the time to keep improving. Imagine if you could improve one half a per cent per week between now and when your event starts -- what would that mean for your performance?
07/26/2012 07:49 EDT