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Dr. Rhea Mehta

Bio-Toxicologist, Optimal Living Coach, Self-Care Activist on a mission to help the people unlock their healthiest potential. Learn more at and

Rhea Mehta, PhD, is a bio-toxicologist, optimal health coach, self-care activist and founder of Global Smoothie Day, a health empowerment and advocacy platform that shares evidence-based truths and inspiration to help people on-board health with ease, commitment and motivation. As a conqueror of Western-diet related chronic disease and the daughter of someone who lost his life to diet-related cancer, Dr. Rhea is committed to coming up with accessible solutions to help people overcome burn out and reverse symptoms of disease. a
This Is Not Your Average, Sugary Nadianb via Getty Images

This Is Not Your Average, Sugary Smoothie

Fortunately, not all smoothies are unhealthy or dangerous -- in fact, green smoothies, when made with the correct vegetable to fruit ratio, along with healthy fats and plant proteins, not only provide greater nutrition than many common sit-down meals, but also serve as an easy, real-food alternative to many dubious prescription medicines.
09/28/2016 02:21 EDT
5 Ways To Gamify Your Eric Pelaez via Getty Images

5 Ways To Gamify Your Health

If we can plant the right seeds to get people excited about getting well, then we've passed the rough waters, and can now focus on education and results. Here are my five suggested methods of using play to inspire health transformation.
12/09/2015 02:28 EST
Can We Have Fun With id-work via Getty Images

Can We Have Fun With Health?

If play opens people up, will they be more receptive to dry or challenging topics? I believe that the philosophy of health can be covertly inserted into play like a soldier hiding in a Trojan horse. In fact, didn't our parents send us out to play but were actually getting us to exercise?
11/11/2015 01:25 EST
Follow These Steps to Make the Perfect Green Tales of a Kitchen

Follow These Steps to Make the Perfect Green Smoothie

Juice bars are popping up everywhere, offering "healthy" juices and smoothies to aid in weight loss and help with energy and longevity. Before you completely buy into the green smoothie craze, it's important for you to know how to distinguish between a healthy green smoothie and an unhealthy one.
02/02/2015 05:53 EST