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Dr. Ruth Baruch

Medical Director of Community Programs, Psychiatry, Toronto East General Hospital

Dr. Baruch is the Medical Director of the Community Mental Health Programs, at the Department of Psychiatry, Toronto East General Hospital and a lecturer at the University of Toronto.

She received her medical degree from the University of Manitoba and completed a rotating internship and residency in psychiatry at the University of Toronto. Dr. Baruch has a broad range of professional interests and clinical experience in schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression, adult ADHD and gender differences in psychiatric disorders. Her approach to assessment and treatment centres on optimizing and individualizing therapeutic modalities. This involves working with caregivers and a multidisciplinary team and choosing the appropriate treatment for patients based on clinical experience, the latest research, and practice guidelines.
Her interest in the professional community extends to educating fellow psychiatrists, family physicians and allied health care professionals.

Caregivers for the Schizophrenic Need More Help

Caregiving for a loved one with schizophrenia presents unique challenges. This loss of reality and inconsistent behaviour can make it difficult for people with schizophrenia to independently support themselves, which is why caregivers play such an important role in the lives of their loved one with this disease.
11/12/2012 12:19 EST