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Dr. Ryan Meili

Médecin de famille

Ryan Meili est un médecin de famille de Saskatoon. Il est actuellement chef de la Division de la responsabilisation sociale au Collège de Médecine de l’université de la Saskatchewan. Il est également conseiller expert auprès de Vous pouvez suivre Ryan sur Twitter @ryanmeili.
How The TPP Jeopardizes Canadian

How The TPP Jeopardizes Canadian Health

The TPP appears to pose risks to our ability to afford to provide needed medications Canadians, and others around the world. When the free and open debate on this agreement is held, the impact on health care must be taken into account.
10/30/2015 11:42 EDT
Why Health Care Can't Just Be For the

Why Health Care Can't Just Be For the Healthy

What we need is a health care system that's based on need, not ability to pay. But we also need social policies that create the conditions for good health. The evidence also shows us that lifestyle choices such as decreasing smoking, exercise and good diet increase proportionally to an individual's social and economic status.
03/11/2014 05:30 EDT