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Dr. Sara T

Sara Taylor, BSc, MD, CCFP

I was born and raised in the Maritimes, however, I now call Alberta home. As a Family Physician for the past 14 years, I have grown to appreciate that everyone has their own view on what it is to be healthy and well. I am passionate about achieving that sense of wellness that is unique to everyone. On a personal note, I enjoy Pilates, yoga, writing, cooking and traveling, but most of all I love spending time with my husband and two children. I hope to inspire, educate, and motivate on a journey toward well-being. Follow along on my blog at <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>.
How To Stop Judging

How To Stop Judging Others

As you progress through medical training, you can often become a bit cynical and jaded, and next thing you know, you start making assumptions when you walk into a room. Unfortunately, we have all been guilty of passing judgment at some point in time. How can we stop ourselves, and others, from passing judgment?
06/18/2014 05:08 EDT
How Do You Recharge Your

How Do You Recharge Your Batteries?

Do you ever feel guilty just picking up a book and sitting on the couch in the middle of the day? I most certainly do. Why is it that we always feel we have to be doing something? Probably because there is always something that could be done.
06/18/2014 01:44 EDT
What I Have Learned About Being a

What I Have Learned About Being a Mom

Mother's Day, like many other occasions that celebrate someone special in your life, can either be joyful or full of sorrow. It depends on where we are developmentally in our lives and the stage of interpersonal growth.
05/13/2014 04:20 EDT
Sit Less, Live

Sit Less, Live Longer

It is often hard to believe how different life is today for our kids than it was for us. Even though I am 41, I still have many stories that begin with, "When I was your age...". But the truth is when I was young, we walked or biked everywhere, we didn't have electronic devices beyond a Walkman, and you had to get out of your vehicle to get a coffee or lunch.
04/16/2014 02:36 EDT
How to Quiet Your Busy

How to Quiet Your Busy Mind

Who wants to be kept awake mulling over events from the day or to-dos for the following day? I will confidently answer no one. We have both tools and resources at our fingertips to slow down our minds, but it takes practice, patience and persistence. What is behind a racing mind and what can be done to slow it down?
04/07/2014 02:55 EDT
How You Can Prevent Sport-Related

How You Can Prevent Sport-Related Injuries

During the Olympics, you heard stories of athletes who sustained serious injuries and are back at their sport. But what about when the injuries hit close to home affecting your kids, your friends or yourself? The future is unknown when it comes to injuries and can be filled with chronic pain, disability and rehabilitation. So how can we prevent sport-related injuries?
03/25/2014 05:41 EDT
Combating the Winter

Combating the Winter Blues

Having always lived in a place where you experience the changing seasons, I appreciate that every season brings something new. Spring welcomes growth, summer welcomes warmth, fall welcomes vibrant colours and winter....well, it welcomes snow, cold and short days.
02/03/2014 02:15 EST