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Dr. Steve Truch

Educational Psychologist and Founder of The Reading Foundation, a private learning and literacy clinic.

Dr. Steve Truch, Director and Founder, The Reading Foundation Dr. Steve Truch is the Director of The Reading Foundation, a private clinic with offices in Calgary, Toronto, and Vancouver that diagnoses and treats difficulties in reading, spelling, writing, math, and comprehension. Founding the Calgary clinic in 1990; the Vancouver clinic in 1994, and the Toronto clinic in 2016, Dr. Truch is an Educational Psychologist who specializes in learning and learning disabilities. Prior to starting The Reading Foundation, Dr. Truch was a school psychologist for 14 years and also served as a classroom teacher and assistant superintendent for special education. A thought leader in the area of learning and literacy, for the past three decades, he has been dedicated to improving the treatment of learning issues relating to reading, spelling, math and writing. His extensive range of experience with parents, school districts, teachers, and students has given him and The Reading Foundation a North American reputation for excellence. Dr. Truch received his Ph.D. from the University of Calgary, specializing in learning theory. He has had numerous books, articles and research reports published over the years including pieces in the Annals of Dyslexia and the British Columbia Learning Assistance Teacher's Association Newsletter. His work is also cited in Dr. David Kilpatrick’s book Essentials of Assessing, Preventing, and Overcoming Reading Difficulties.
Math Begins

Math Begins Early

Both parents and teachers are confronted with students who have persistent difficulties with math concepts and operations
05/05/2017 09:01 EDT
How To Keep Your Kids Reading Over Spring

How To Keep Your Kids Reading Over Spring Break

Spring Break is nearly here for most schools, and parents may want a few tips to help keep their children engaged with reading during that time. Dr. Steve Truch, Director of The Reading Foundation clinic in Calgary, offers the following suggestions
03/09/2017 03:41 EST
Make Reading A Year-Long Resolution For

Make Reading A Year-Long Resolution For 2017

We've settled into 2017 and, despite starting the year off with good intentions, many of our New Year's resolutions have likely fallen by the wayside. However, even if you only stick to one resolution this year, pledge to make reading a year-long commitment for your family.
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Is Your Child Facing A Learning Challenge, Or A Learning

Is Your Child Facing A Learning Challenge, Or A Learning Disability?

Why do some children learn to read so easily? And why do so many very bright children have such difficulty with what appears to be a simple task? How is a parent to know if a child is just a bit delayed in reading or perhaps actually learning disabled? Here's what the latest research tells us.
09/08/2016 08:50 EDT