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Dr. Steven Reisman


Steven Reisman, M.D., the Director of the New York Cardiac Diagnostic Center founded the facility in 1987 as one of the first outpatient offices offering nuclear cardiac testing. In 2004, our satellite testing office was established at 200 West 57th Street. Dr. Reisman is a Cardiologist and a nationally recognized Nuclear Cardiologist who was part of the team at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles instrumental in developing many of the early techniques in nuclear cardiology. Dr. Reisman was part of a group of select investigators with the Food And Drug Administration evaluating intravenous dipyridamole thallium testing prior to approval of this technique for general use in patients who cannot exercise. Dr. Reisman has authored or co-authored numerous publications and has presented original research results at both the American College of Cardiology annual meetings and the American Heart Association annual meetings related to early detection of “high risk” heart disease, the evaluation of patients without symptoms with underlying heart blockages including those with “silent ischemia," the prognosis of patients with blockages, use of dipyridamole thallium testing in patients who cannot exercise to identify severe blockages, detection of severe coronary artery disease in the elderly, and the evaluation of heart disease in patients who cannot walk secondary to a circulatory problem.
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