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Dr. Susan MacKenzie

Psychiatrist at CAMH in Toronto. Wife to great husband and mother of 3. Mental health advocate for children, adults and their families.

Dr. Susan MacKenzie is a psychiatrist at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) in Toronto. Dr. MacKenzie works with youth who have mental-health and substance-use issues, and their families.
Learning To Cope With Just The Right Amount Of Tomwang112 via Getty Images

Learning To Cope With Just The Right Amount Of Anxiety

From an evolutionary perspective, anxiety is a helpful and adaptive emotion. For thousands of years, anxiety has motivated humans to act (and survive) in the face of danger. The problem is, though, for some of us, the amount of anxiety we experience in a situation does not fit, or match, the fear -- or threat -- in that situation.
09/21/2016 02:28 EDT