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Dr. Tom Warshawski

Doctor, Advocate

Dr. Tom Warshawski is a pediatrician and Chair of the Childhood Obesity Foundation, which is one of the partners behind MEND and ShapedownBC, alongside the Province of British Columbia, BC Recreation and Parks Association and the YMCA of Greater Vancouver. MEND and ShapedownBC support Healthy Families BC, the government’s public-health strategy that focuses on leadership, prevention and health improvement for British Columbian families and their communities.
Protect Kids 16 And Under From Ads For Unhealthy

Protect Kids 16 And Under From Ads For Unhealthy Foods

Why do we allow our young people to be continuously bombarded with the opposite of good eating messages and then expect them to grow up with healthy eating habits? It's time we added food and beverage advertising to the list of protections we afford our children and teenagers.
06/09/2017 04:45 EDT
MEND Your Ways and Create Healthy Kids for

MEND Your Ways and Create Healthy Kids for Life

Statistics show that obese children have an 80 per cent or higher probability of becoming obese adults. Adults who have unhealthy weights are at increased risk of heart disease, cancers, strokes and type 2 diabetes. In Canada, approximately 30 per cent of children and youth are either overweight or obese, that's up from 15 per cent in 1978. That's why efforts are underway across the province, including in your community, to help families live a healthy lifestyle
12/03/2013 07:25 EST