Drew Dudley

Founder and Chief, Catalyst of Nuance Leadership

On October 26, Drew Dudley, Founder and Chief Catalyst of Nuance Leadership, will co-host the fourth annual TEDxToronto conference at the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts. Two years ago, he received rave reviews for his presentation at TEDxToronto, which is one of the event’s most viewed videos and was selected this year to appear on the main page of TED.com. The talk changed his life, and probably a lot of other people’s as well.
The Lollipop

The Lollipop Moment

We need to redefine leadership as being about lollipop moments, how many of them we create, how many of them we acknowledge, how many of them we pay forward, and how many of them we say thank you for. Because we've made leadership about changing the world, and there is no world, there are only six billion understandings of it
10/21/2012 01:27 EDT