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Drew Penner

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Drew Penner is one part free spirit and one part journalism nerd. Living on Vancouver Island after stints in Alberta and Toronto, the creative-minded writer and photographer has seen enough of the country to know there's so much more to explore.

Every adventure -- from electronic music escapades to backcountry rambles -- brings new opportunities to make friends and try new things. If you don't catch him sipping Americanos at his favourite coffee shops you might bump into him traveling between unique locales, digging in the crates for records, or browsing his local magazine shop.
Drew Penner

Rave Safety, Metaphysical Moby And Life Changing Moments at BC's Shambhala Music Festival

Summer is almost behind us and it's been anything but a boring one for electronic music fans, from torrential rain at Burning Man to drug deaths at VELD. With festival season drawing to a close we're bringing you our report from Shambhala on the Bundschuh's farm in the Kootenay Rockies. HuffPost Canada made the trek to the property near Salmo, B.C. with 13,000 or so others to take in the 17th edition of this innovative spectacle. The breathtaking setting provided the foundation for encounters with musicians such as Moby, Andy C and A Tribe Called Red, as well as the backdrop for a collection of life-changing moments -- literally.
08/29/2014 03:04 EDT