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Duff McCutcheon

HRPA communications specialist

Duff McCutcheon is a Communications Specialist with the Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA)--Canada's largest HR association and the regulator of the HR profession in Ontario.
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We Need To Do More To Address The Gender Wage Gap

While "equal pay for work of equal value" is enshrined in law under Ontario's Pay Equity Act, the gender wage gap is a serious issue. Statistics Canada data estimates the gap to be anywhere between 12 to 31.5 per cent and RBC estimates it is costing the Canadian economy $168 billion in lost income.
04/18/2016 10:33 EDT
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Leaders Can Build Engagement By Giving Up Control

Ultimately, you want your people moving up the leadership ladder, going from being told what to do, to providing opinions and recommendations, to advising what they intend to do and what they have done. The more comfortable your people are in making decisions on their own, the more control the leader is giving up.
02/23/2016 02:33 EST