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Dustin Sproat

Cofounder and CEO, Shnarped

Dustin Sproat is a cofounder and CEO of the tech startup Shnarped Hockey, which recently earned the support of all 5 Dragons on CBC’s Dragons’ Den.

Before Shnarped and while playing minor professional hockey, Dustin and 8 former Princeton University Classmates started Hockey Players for Kids, a charity that connects pro hockey players to kids in communities around the world. This charity inspired the vision for Shnarped, which scales this player-fan connection using mobile technology. Dustin grew up skating on a backyard rink in Red Deer, AB, but now is happy to call Vancouver home.
How to Drink Vodka Like a shutterstock

How to Drink Vodka Like a Russian

Take your time finding the right table at the right restaurant. You'll be there awhile -- might as well get comfortable. The bottle of vodka is to be served cold and of high quality. The person that picks up the first bottle is in charge of pouring and pacing shots for the entire night, even once you change venues...
03/03/2014 05:14 EST
Sochi Diaries: The Games in

Sochi Diaries: The Games in Review

I spent the last two weeks in Sochi, isolated from North American media, and had assumed that by this time most of the myths surrounding how horrific things were over in Russia had been dispelled. But...
02/27/2014 12:16 EST
Social Media in JONATHAN NACKSTRAND via Getty Images

Social Media in Sochi

Given that our own startup company -- Shnarped Hockey -- plays in the social media space, I've paid particular attention to how people are connecting in Sochi, and have found that it's quite different than how people are staying in touch with family and friends back home.
02/24/2014 12:30 EST
The Molson Fridge at Sochi YouTube

The Molson Fridge at Sochi Revealed

The Passport fridge sits inside the Sochi Canada House, which permits only people with a passport who know an athlete inside. The fridge only has a few empty specialty bottles inside. The kicker - there is actually no Molson Canadian beer in the Canada House whatsoever! It got stuck at the border.
02/16/2014 09:06 EST
Here At Last: Some Surprises From ASSOCIATED PRESS

Here At Last: Some Surprises From Sochi

Booked three weeks ago on a whim, my trip from Vancouver to Sochi included 40 hours of buses, trains, taxis, layovers, and flights. Not to mention the four hours of standing in lines and two hours of wandering looking for wifi that were required before I could make this post. That said, I'm here and I'm pumped!
02/14/2014 12:28 EST
Why Dragons' Den is Saving CBC

Why Dragons' Den is Saving Business

I recently came across Darrell Kopke's article denouncing the Dragons' Den and its American parallel, Shark Tank for their promotion of a "pitch-first" attitude to entrepreneurship. Kopke claims this approach is "killing businesses," however, there are two fundamental problems with this conclusion.
01/27/2014 12:43 EST