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Dyanoosh Youssefi

Lawyer, Professor, Social Justice Advocate, Founder, All IN

Dyanoosh Youssefi is a social justice advocate, a lawyer, a professor, and a politico. She is the founder of All IN, an advocacy organization committed to promoting inclusive communities ( <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>). She writes about criminal justice issues <a href="" rel="nofollow">on her blog</a>, and volunteers with human rights and justice-seeking organizations. Follow Dyanoosh Youssefi on Twitter @DyanooshY.
Will Prosecutors Really Snitch on

Will Prosecutors Really Snitch on Cops?

Ontario's Attorney General is directing the province's Crown Attorneys to report instances where police officers have lied while under oath. It's the best news to come out of the criminal justice system in a long time. Sort of. The police will then decide whether to charge one of their own, whether to discipline him or her internally, or whether to do nothing at all.
10/31/2012 12:10 EDT
Should Bullies Really Be Punished By Criminal

Should Bullies Really Be Punished By Criminal Law?

It has been just over a week since Amanda Todd's tragic and heart-breaking suicide, which she committed to end the pain from the endless torment of the bullies in her life. We deservedly feel guilt and shame over Amanda's fate and our inaction as bystanders to other cases of bullying. But the desire to do something, and perhaps to relieve our sense of guilt, should not lead us to precipitously arrest every bully.
10/23/2012 05:20 EDT