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Dylan Marando

Management Consultant

Dylan Marando, HBA, MPP, is a Toronto-based management consultant, with specialization in health policy. He has experience working in government, the broader public sector, and the private sector and currently serves on the boards of Schools for the Children of the World and Yellow Brick House. He is a former candidate for member of parliament. He holds an Honours Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Public Policy from the University of Toronto.
A Very Un-Conservative Government

A Very Un-Conservative Government Initiative

It is worth noting that last week the government updated a policy initiative which is neither conservative nor partisan. Canada's Open Government Action Plan is a mildly impressive document which could be the foundation for dramatically improved information sharing and citizen engagement.
04/17/2012 05:18 EDT
With Mulcair, We Are All Harperites

With Mulcair, We Are All Harperites Now

Mulcair, throughout his career, has displayed the Harper-esque confidence, stubbornness, and vitriol that can allow a supposed underdog to keep fighting until he wins -- as Harper did. Thomas Mulcair is not Stephen Harper, but, he may just be the closest thing the NDP has ever had to him.
03/25/2012 10:08 EDT
We Can't Let the ORNGE Scandal

We Can't Let the ORNGE Scandal Burn

ORNGE, in its design, was a grand experiment in 21st-century public policy. Did the experiment work? We now know it did not. But does that mean that risk-taking should be stricken from government, which may be the logical result of endless and intense scrutiny from the media? I sincerely hope not.
03/22/2012 02:45 EDT