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Dylan Thompson

Writer, editor and nap enthusiast

Dylan is the editor and production manager of Green Energy Futures. He recently graduated from MacEwan University with a degree in communication studies, majoring in journalism. Dylan has written for a variety of publications including the Edmonton Journal and Rat Creek Press.

Dylan is passionate about issues of social justice and sustainability. When he isn't ranting about politics to whomever will listen, he enjoys reading and playing computer games.
Solar Thermal 101: A Garage Suite Generates Surplus Westend61 via Getty Images

Solar Thermal 101: A Garage Suite Generates Surplus Energy

Solar thermal advocates are fond of reminding us that homes, especially those in Canada use about 70 per cent of their energy for heating. As solar photovoltaic prices continue to plummet, some net-zero home builders have started pairing solar PV with air-source heat pumps for space heating and electric resistance water heaters to produce hot water.
06/07/2017 05:18 EDT
PEI Rocks Wind Wind Energy Institute of Canada

PEI Rocks Wind Power

When PEI's government crafted a plan to wean their grid off costly and carbon-intensive diesel, they turned to wind power, one renewable resource that the island has plenty of. A map of the wind potential of PEI glows red showing high potential for much of the island. As we write this 34 per cent of PEI's electricity is coming from the wind.
06/10/2016 03:40 EDT
How Calgary Is Looking Ahead And Embracing Clean ENMAX

How Calgary Is Looking Ahead And Embracing Clean Energy

Alberta's carbon tax is expected to have a relatively minor impact on middle to lower income folks, but what about a major city that buys $60 million worth of power every year? That's going to cut into some budgets! It turns out there's one municipality that's positioned very well for a carbon tax but its name might surprise you.
04/28/2016 08:58 EDT
Can This Radically Sustainable Home Survive A Cold, Canadian David Dodge,

Can This Radically Sustainable Home Survive A Cold, Canadian Winter?

An earthship is an off-grid home that produces its own energy, captures its own water, treats its own wastewater, grows its own food and passively collects the sun's energy for heat. That's the idea, anyways. But ever since the Kinney Earthship was built in the summer of 2014, Duncan Kinney has received many emails about one particular subject: how does it hold up so far north?
02/26/2016 01:22 EST
Dispelling 7 Solar Energy 123ArtistImages

Dispelling 7 Solar Energy Myths

The myths we are concerned about, the ones of dubious value, are crazy stories that are passed off as facts when talking about solar energy. To get to the bottom of these solar myths we talked to Gordon Howell, a solar expert with Howell-Mayhew Engineering.
02/11/2016 05:48 EST
Addressing Common Wind Energy Bloomberg via Getty Images

Addressing Common Wind Energy Myths

With the advent of new technology comes a cavalcade of fears and concerns surrounding that same technology. Wind turbines have been blamed for all sorts of health problems, ranging from sleep deprivation to cancer and yes, even death. One person, Dr. Nina Pierpont, even went so far as to coin a term for these diverse effects, "Wind Turbine Syndrome." But is there any truth to the hysteria? Let's find out.
01/26/2016 12:40 EST
Vitoria-Gasteiz: Spain's Green Capital Is Made For David Dodge

Vitoria-Gasteiz: Spain's Green Capital Is Made For Walking

Vitoria Gasteiz is a very compact city of 250,000 people and because of its geographical density you are never more than three kilometres from downtown, no matter where you live. But in spite of its compact form, Vitoria-Gasteiz used to have a twelve-lane roadway that ran right through its heart. Then planners did something other cities only talk about.
12/17/2015 01:17 EST
Renewable Energy Jobs Are On The Pedro Castellano via Getty Images

Renewable Energy Jobs Are On The Rise

By any metric, the renewable energy sector is a growth industry. By the end of 2014 there were 7.7 million jobs in the renewable energy industry world wide, up 18 per cent over the year before. This according to the International Renewable Energy Agency. And that doesn't include large hydro.
12/07/2015 05:09 EST
Investing In Solar Power Pays Off For wx-bradwang via Getty Images

Investing In Solar Power Pays Off For Communities

While the leaders of the world meet in Paris and craft sweeping policy that affects the entire planet, let's remember that the most important changes usually happen close to home. I've seen the positive things solar and energy efficiency can do for communities. So when we started a big infrastructure refurbishment project at Evansdale Community League, I knew exactly what to push for.
12/01/2015 11:46 EST