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Eduardo Alves Dos Anjos

Canadian Muslim activist

Eduardo Alves Dos Anjos was born in São Paulo, Brazil and raised in Montreal, Canada. Eduardo has worked with many different organizations in the greater Montreal region, where he occupied several leadership roles focused on building bridges between communities. Recently, Eduardo moved to Gatineau where he currently works as a volunteer coordinator with the National Council of Canadian Muslims. He obtained a BA in Business Administration with a Minor in Marketing and speaks French, English, and Portuguese.
Denying Islamophobia's Existence Keeps Hate Alive In

Denying Islamophobia's Existence Keeps Hate Alive In Canada

Like many diseases, Islamophobia is curable and its treatment is more simple than one may imagine. The first step to attaining this cure is by recognizing that one is afflicted by the illness. We must all recognize that Islamophobia is not only a threat to Muslims, but to our entire society.
02/06/2017 05:30 EST