Eduardo Franco

Professor & Chair of Oncology, McGill University

Eduardo is a James McGill Professor and Chairman, Department of Oncology, and Director, Division of Cancer Epidemiology, McGill University, Montreal. Since 1985, he has conducted epidemiologic research on the causes of cancer and on the means to prevent it or to improve patient survival, topics on which he has published more than 430 articles and two books. For his work on cancer he received Lifetime Achievement Awards from the American Society for Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology and from the International Papillomavirus Society, the Women in US Government’s Leadership Award, the Canadian Cancer Society’s Warwick Prize, and the McLaughlin-Gallie Award from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. He is the Editor-in-Chief of Preventive Medicine and has served in the editorial boards of several top-tier journals in oncology and epidemiology. He is Officer of the Order of Canada and Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences.
Predatory Conferences Undermine Science And Scam

Predatory Conferences Undermine Science And Scam Academics

Credible scientific conferences, typically organized by major professional societies and research agencies, will invite researchers to present because of the caliber and validity of their work as judged by the candidate's peers. Given the importance of conferences in academia, predatory conference organizers sensed a business opportunity and started scamming researchers a few years ago.
10/13/2016 05:01 EDT
What Are Predatory Open Access Journals And Why Should We

What Are Predatory Open Access Journals And Why Should We Worry?

The apparent success of the open-access model has attracted a growing number of entrepreneurs who are trying to cash in. These entrepreneurs have little or no scientific credibility, but have launched their own 'journals' which essentially publish everything that is submitted to them, without any peer review or scrutiny, so long as they get paid.
10/04/2016 09:14 EDT