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Ehab Lotayef

Ehab Lotayef is an IT engineer at McGill University in Montreal and the chairperson of the "Egyptian Canadian Coalition for Democracy".
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The Dangers Of White Supremacy And Xenophobia

For years, Canadian security forces have been busy entrapping Muslim youth, following faint tracks and turning them into full-fledged criminal cases to please their political masters, over the ten dark Harper years, that they did not pay attention to protecting the real vulnerable segment of society.
01/31/2017 06:54 EST
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When a Majority Is Not a Majority

only 39 per cent of those who voted chose Liberal candidates. Four years ago the Conservatives took 39 per cent of the popular vote and were also a "majority." The "majority" before that was another Liberal one. The last time we had a real majority government in Canada was back in 1984 when the Mulroney Conservatives got 50.03 per cent of the popular vote.
10/23/2015 05:47 EDT

Who Should Arabs and Muslims Vote for?

On Sept. 17 a group of prominent Arab and Muslim organizations from across Canada got together and sent a letter* to the leaders of the five main federal parties: Conservatives, NDP, Liberals, Bloc Quebecois and Green Party.
10/17/2015 08:45 EDT
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An Open Letter to the RCMP Commissioner About Egyptian Police

Over the past 19 months the brutality of the Egyptian Police reached new highs, not even seen or heard of during the Mubarak years. The European Parliament, the UN Secretary General, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, have all condemned the Egyptian security forces for the use of force leading to the death of hundreds of protesters and serious injuries of many more.
02/08/2015 10:23 EST

Why Did Israel Target Gaza's Ark?

Early morning on Friday, July 11, Gaza's Ark received a direct hit by a shell fired from an Israeli navel vessel which badly damaged the boat and started a fire on board. The civil defense and fire brigades could not extinguish the fire quickly enough due to the continuous shelling of the port that night and the boat was completely destroyed.
07/16/2014 12:41 EDT

How Quebec Has Turned My Vote Religious

As the Quebec election approaches I find myself, unfortunately, pressured to vote for a candidate and party based on my religious sentiments and my feelings of discrimination against my community, rather than formulating my opinion based on the multitude of challenges that face Quebec society as a whole.
08/29/2012 12:13 EDT