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Eileen Chadnick

Leadership and Work-Life Coach / Big Cheese Coaching and Author of Ease - Manage Overwhelm in Times of "Crazy Busy"

Eileen Chadnick is a leadership, career, and executive coach and principal of Big Cheese Coaching in Toronto. She
is author of "Ease: Manage Overwhelm in Times of “Crazy Busy.” She is also a frequent columnist with the Globe and Mail Careers. Follow her on Twitter at:
@Chadnick and at Facebook at:
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11 Ways To Bring The Best Of You Forward Into 2016

What will you do to make 2016 a great year? How will you become the best version of yourself? What personal and professional goals/habits/intentions will set you off on the right path -- for greater resilience, efficacy, and fulfillment? I've put together 11 ideas to boost your personal and professional well-being in the year ahead.
01/04/2016 02:05 EST

3 Tips to Navigate Career Confusion

Have you heard the expression "change is messy"? It's something I've heard and said many times over the years working with clients creating and navigating career (and other) changes. And in my own life, I've experienced my share of personal and professional change over the years. Who hasn't? Who won't?
09/29/2015 10:57 EDT

This September, Use These 5 Tips to Prioritize

So as you step into the busy weeks of fall, ask: What are your best practices for prioritizing during busy times? What will you try differently this September to get a grip on the busy season? What can you put on your UNpriority list?
09/04/2015 05:51 EDT

How Writing it Down Helps Get it Done

Overwhelm is a complex and multifaceted affair. We need many strategies and approaches to deal with the volume, pressure, complexity of today's work and lives. Including super basic ones like the to do list.
06/26/2015 01:00 EDT
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How To Manage Holiday Season Stress With Ease

'Tis the season of rush! If you are like most of us, it's still hustle and bustle as you race to the finish line. The end of the year can be a wonderful time but it can also be hectic and stressful. Here are tips to help you manage the year-end season of rush with more ease.
12/18/2014 12:49 EST
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The Whys and Ways of Gratitude

In the spirit of the Thanksgiving season, I thank you for being part of my community just by virtue of reading this post (and for those who are part of my life in other ways). And let's all spread more of the gift of gratitude -- to that end, here are a few more whys and ways to express gratitude.
10/12/2014 09:52 EDT
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5 Ways to Slow Down Time This Summer

Don't blink. Summer goes by soooo fast. Too fast in my 'time zone' -- I can't believe it is already July! Do you feel that way too? Well given that summer is here and in Canada is does feel very fleeting, I thought it timely to write a few ideas on how we can slow down time.
07/01/2014 07:51 EDT

10 Brain "Must-Knows" to Live + Work with More Ease

I've been thinking about my brain a lot these days - and so should you. Neuroscience is now the "it" topic and this hot (and really cool) area of science is no longer the exclusive domain of neuroscientists, brainiacs and academics. We are all getting in on the action and that's a good thing.
02/16/2014 05:43 EST

The Huge Advantage to Making Tiny Goals

Recently, I've been talking a lot about goals (professional and personal) -- with friends, with my leadership coaching clients and in my own personal reflection. But something has changed. Whereas I used to ask "Are you thinking big enough?" I'm now asking "Are your goals small enough?"
02/09/2014 11:22 EST

12 Questions to Lead You Through 2014

January is an important time to reflect and get clear on your priorities for the year ahead. To do that well, it's just as important to take a look behind at the year past as it is to take a good look ahead. Each year, I put together a list of reflections and questions to help you do that.
01/18/2014 09:14 EST

The Most Important New Year's Resolution You Could Make

I'm not going to bash goals and resolutions setting here. Taking responsibility and setting meaningful, achievable goals to help better ourselves is a good thing. Right now, I want to talk about an essential item that I think is likely missing from most people's lists.
01/06/2014 02:31 EST

5 Ways to Beat the Back to Work Blues

Going back to work after a holiday break can be tough. Even for those of us who love our work. Here are five ways to beat back to work blues.
01/06/2014 02:06 EST