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Elah Feder

Podcaster, writer, radio producer, and currently master's student at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism in New York City.

Elah Feder completed her master’s in evolutionary biology in 2007. She is now a podcaster, writer, and environmental activist.
The Problem With Fighting

The Problem With Fighting Anti-Semitism

I should be grateful that my government cares enough to protect me (at least this aspect of me; they seem far less concerned about homophobia). But instead, I feel singled out. It's especially awkward since I didn't feel that unpopular in the first place.
10/05/2011 08:57 EDT
Why We Environmentalists Are

Why We Environmentalists Are Hypocrites

Critics delight in accusing environmentalists of hypocrisy. They take deep satisfaction in forwarding emails about Al Gore's colossal home energy bills. If they like that, they'll be delighted to learn that people like me and Al who identify as environmentalists aren't so green on average.
09/21/2011 09:18 EDT