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Elaine Mah

Director, Canada at Intel Corporation

Elaine Mah is the Director for Canada at Intel Corporation and a twelve year veteran with the company. Among her many achievements at Intel, Elaine is especially proud of her work fostering innovation and growth with small businesses through her Canadian small business advisory board. <br> <br> She is a frequent speaker at industry and government conferences on the importance of technology to the Canadian economy, as well as on emerging trends. Elaine currently sits on the National Board of Directors of the Information Technology Association of Canada.
At This Point Is Wearable Tech More About Fashion or

At This Point Is Wearable Tech More About Fashion or Function?

Wearables are running the gamut: technology that can boost activity, keep you connected, and at the end of the day, help you unwind. While I was amazed by the solutions being showcased at Wearable Entertainment and Sports Toronto, the conference left me with more questions than answers about the bigger role of wearable technology in society.
11/27/2014 08:15 EST
The True Cost of Your Company's Website Going

The True Cost of Your Company's Website Going Down

I recently returned home from grocery shopping with a new loyalty card. All I needed to do was go online and register the card I was given in store. When I went to register my new card, I got the message "registration is temporarily unavailable" with apologies from the company. I tried a few more times for a couple of days and got the same message. The experience led me to think about the cost of downtime to a business.
11/27/2013 12:23 EST
Should We Get Our Heads Out of the

Should We Get Our Heads Out of the Cloud?

Cloud computing is the popular buzz-phrase to describe all kinds of online access to information that has been embraced by both individuals and businesses of all sizes because of its ability to improve mobility and offer new services. But is that convenience coming at a price?
08/27/2013 05:41 EDT
The Third Industrial Revolution Is Here - Think

The Third Industrial Revolution Is Here - Think Bigger

I'm enthusiastic about the bright future that is ahead if we can continue to foster and encourage governments, business leaders and young students to look beyond the limits to make the impossible, possible. I find myself wondering what it will take to win in this Third Industrial Revolution, and I keep coming back to our youth, these students whose brilliant minds know no limits. Are we doing enough to encourage and inspire them? Are we finding the right venues to foster innovation and commercialization of the best ideas in Canada, or will we retain our role as an exporter of raw goods, rather than an information economy of the future?
05/21/2013 12:35 EDT
Canadian Retailers Must Get Online or

Canadian Retailers Must Get Online or Perish

One would think that, as the global economy struggles to recover, businesses would be looking at all opportunities to expand, be more competitive, bring in more customers and reduce costs. Online retailing seems to make sense in this climate. Heck, I won't even go to a restaurant without first checking out menus and reviews online.
03/27/2013 12:16 EDT
Can We Control Company Privacy on Personal

Can We Control Company Privacy on Personal Devices?

I remain amazed by the proliferation of personal devices in today's homes. Therefore it comes as little surprise that the impact of personal devices is hitting the enterprise. Let's face it, you can either to embrace personal devices in the workplace and proactively put security measures in place, or you can deal with the aftermath when employees will inevitably find their own work-around.
12/13/2012 05:45 EST
Canada welcomes the IT

Canada welcomes the IT world

Next week, the who's who of the information and communications technology (ICT) industry around the world will arrive in Montreal, Canada, for the biannual World Congress of Information Technology (WCIT). With all the economic upheaval making business headlines, why does this specialized gathering matter?
10/18/2012 03:11 EDT
Is Big Data Really Such a Big

Is Big Data Really Such a Big Deal?

I haven't been able to pick up a paper or surf online recently without getting bombarded with news, research or expert opinions featuring Big Data and its value to the future of business. I worry that without engagement and investment, the promise of Big Data initiatives will remain just a promise.
08/28/2012 04:17 EDT
Let's Do More for the Bright Minds of Tomorrow,

Let's Do More for the Bright Minds of Tomorrow, Today

When you meet these bright young students, the first impression is "wow, they're pretty normal teenagers." That impression doesn't last long. The minute they begin to describe their research, my mind reels as I try to keep up with each project's premise and findings. These are exception children, and they are our future.
05/02/2012 02:36 EDT
Social Media: Good, Bad, or Ugly for Your

Social Media: Good, Bad, or Ugly for Your Company?

The big question for businesses becomes how to tap into the positive aspects of social media with its ability to foster higher levels of collaboration, without compromising security. Is social media a bane or boon to productivity? Does it foster innovation and open new communications channels for staff and customers?
03/23/2012 04:46 EDT
Why Is Open Data Still

Why Is Open Data Still Guarded?

Currently, the available open data seems to be used primarily by developers who make and sell apps, or by enthusiasts who write code as a hobby. It leaves me wondering if the only promise of open data is in monetizing that information for a downloadable app that may be of limited long-term value.
02/09/2012 04:31 EST
What's Your Data

What's Your Data Worth?

With information being so critical to businesses continuity, coupled with the fact that we're connecting with more devices and creating more data than ever before, it's no wonder a lot of companies are looking to public cloud solutions. But this convenience could be a trap.
12/29/2011 07:31 EST
Does Gov't Funding Help or Hurt Tech

Does Gov't Funding Help or Hurt Tech Innovation?

I worry that policy changes could stifle the positive strides we have been taking in attracting and developing clusters of expertise that will, in time, effectively move us from a resource-based economy to a knowledge-based economy of the future.
11/07/2011 12:08 EST