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Elio Luongo

Canadian Managing Partner, KPMG’s Tax Practice

Elio Luongo is the Canadian Managing Partner of KPMG’s Tax practice, responsible for leading over 1,000 tax professionals from across Canada. He has 24 years of experience with the firm, providing Canadian and International Tax services to both public and private organizations, and has a broad background in corporate tax planning and restructuring.
Before You Choose a Business Location, Consider

Before You Choose a Business Location, Consider Taxes

There are many variables when examining which country is best for business, whether it be demographics, infrastructure, cost of living or personal quality of life. An important consideration when deciding where to set up shop is total tax costs. The tax landscape is a delicate ecosystem, and even the slightest change can certainly impact a location's overall competitiveness. A competitive tax structure is crucial to attracting inbound investment, spurring innovation, and creating skilled jobs.
10/25/2012 07:49 EDT