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Animals Still Suffer When You Buy

Animals Still Suffer When You Buy Organic

After a year or two, organic hens are packed in plastic crates and trucked to the same slaughterhouses as their conventional counterparts. There, they will be turned into chicken nuggets and deli meat. Meanwhile, in organic as in conventional productions, male chicks will be systematically tossed into grinders at birth because they are deemed economically useless: they obviously do not produce eggs, and their genes aren't optimized for fast growth. Whether one eats the egg or the chicken, the problem remains the same.
03/22/2017 10:42 EDT
Chilliwack Cattle Sales: A Double Standard In Court And On Our

Chilliwack Cattle Sales: A Double Standard In Court And On Our Plates

Nearly two years after Mercy for Animals (MFA) went public with an undercover investigation into Canada's largest dairy farm, charges have finally been laid against the company, Chilliwack Cattle Sales, located in British Columbia. Before rejoicing that justice will finally be done, let's carefully examine the case.
03/07/2016 03:41 EST
Fashion Must Do More To Finally Cut Out

Fashion Must Do More To Finally Cut Out Fur

Nearly a quarter-century later, we might have expected fur to be relegated to the closet of shame alongside other controversial fashion accessories such as ivory earrings. Yet 73 per cent of this year's fashion shows in New York, Paris, Milan and London included fur.
12/21/2015 02:38 EST
Cow's Milk Comes At An Environmental

Cow's Milk Comes At An Environmental Cost

When we compare the water footprint of soy milk and cow's milk, we find that the water production footprint of one litre of cow's milk is more than three times that of soy milk. Replacing cow's milk with soy milk would not only be a good thing for water preservation, it's also a wise choice to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
10/30/2015 03:40 EDT
Stand Up to Misogyny

Stand Up to Misogyny 2.0

We are feminists. We share our ideas on the web. And we are connected by the experience of omnipresent online misogyny: on social media, in our public lives, and in our private lives. When we express ourselves online, especially to criticize the many facets of violence endured by women, the backlash almost always comes with several insults and threats. These threats and insults testify to everyday sexism, anti-feminism; even an aversion to women so widespread over the Internet that it's considered common.
03/06/2015 01:38 EST
You Can Be a Vegan AND a High-Performing

You Can Be a Vegan AND a High-Performing Athlete

Vegan athletes are grabbing headlines with increasing regularity, and are jumping at the chance to share the secret of their success: a compassionate vegan diet. Meagan Duhamel is one such athlete. In a recent interview, she explained how her plant-based diet helped improve her performance and led her to become the amazing jumper she is today.
06/16/2014 05:53 EDT

The "Spies" Who Take Us Inside Slaughterhouses

Last month, CTV's investigation program W5 aired some exclusive footage shot on a pig farm in Manitoba. Seen across the country, these crude images shocked many a person. It was filmed by investigators from Mercy for Animals (MFA) Canada, a non-profit organization. I spoke with Twyla François, the woman leading the investigation team.
01/28/2013 12:31 EST