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Elisha Bonnis

Mother, Teacher, Math Mentor, Artist

Elisha Bonnis has been a teacher in Vancouver for 14 years. Her career in teaching has been one of the greatest sources of fulfillment and pride in her life, second only to being a mother to one fantastic boy. <br> <br> She recently completed her master's degree in math education at UBC, and spends much of her time mentoring and training other teachers in the <a href="" rel="nofollow">JUMP (Junior Undiscovered Math Prodigies) Math Program</a>. <br> <br> Elisha is passionate about social justice issues, and advocates to ensure that math is made engaging and accessible to all students of all abilities. She has spoken at numerous math conferences and regularly facilitates professional development throughout the Lower Mainland. Her work with <a href="" rel="nofollow">JUMP Math</a> has been featured in <a href="" rel="nofollow">The New York Times</a>, <a href="" rel="nofollow">The Vancouver Sun</a>, and The Globe and Mail. <br> <br> Elisha is also a professional portrait artist and owns a handcrafted jewelry company with her mother.
B.C. Teachers' Fight: It IS All About the

B.C. Teachers' Fight: It IS All About the Money

I regularly see comments on social media such as, "If you really cared about the kids, you wouldn't ask for a signing bonus." Since when is there an inverse correlation between how much teachers care about students and how much of a wage increase they ask for through bargaining?
07/02/2014 12:36 EDT
The Robbery Known As Class Composition Is B.C.'s Dark

The Robbery Known As Class Composition Is B.C.'s Dark Secret

When there are 30 students, two grade levels, seven IEPs, five ELL (English Language Learners), three pending designations, two on the waitlist for assessment, another two not yet on the waitlist but glaringly should be, guess what? I am not able to provide those 19 children with the intensive, independent attention they need. The other 11 children who are not on crisis radar? I am lucky if I get to them at all.
06/20/2014 12:28 EDT