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Elissa Freeman

Communications Strategist

Elissa Freeman is a veteran communications strategist and sought-after guest columnist – which puts her in the enviable position of both shaping and creating the narrative when it comes to talking about her two favourite subjects: PR and pop culture.

Willing to talk to anyone about almost anything, Ms. Freeman practices what she calls “Mad Men PR”; good old-fashioned ‘look’em in the eye’ personal contact – allowing her to collect an enviable collection of domestic and international media contacts. A superior relationship builder, she is known to create collaboration among the most disparate of parties – meaning she can make people who normally don’t like each other, get along famously.

Named one of Twitter’s Top 52 PR pros, Top 75 Badass Women and Top 150 Toronto Influencers, Elissa also writes for PR Daily, The Broad Side, Spin Sucks and, where she is also co-host of the weekly news show The Flip Side.

Wife, mother, friend, volunteer and in constant search of fabulous abs, Elissa Freeman loves telling people she’s 52 – so they can say, “but you don’t look that old!”
Between the Generations: Does Feminism Need a

Between the Generations: Does Feminism Need a Makeover?

If we look at feminism as a brand, I'd have to say it has neither widespread loyalty nor appeal -- at least not across the genders.All you need to do is look at the reaction to events of late. It would seem if people better understood feminism and actually embraced its ideals, we wouldn't be dealing with such backlash.
11/07/2013 05:24 EST
Between the Generations:

Between the Generations: Slut-Shaming

During one of our many engaging conversations, it occurred to both Elissa and I that regardless of the years between us, there are many things that we both happen to find worthy of drawing our communal ire. This week, we delve into the culture of slut-shaming.
10/28/2013 12:33 EDT