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Elizabeth Haber

After being a victim in a terrible car accident, became involved in the Hit Twice campaign to educate Ontarians about predatory legal fees.

Elizabeth lives in Burlington, Ontario. In 2012 she was the victim of a terrible auto accident that left her lucky to be alive. After being taken advantage of by the lawyer meant to protect her, she got involved with the Hit Twice campaign to raise awareness over predatory legal fees in Ontario.
The High Cost Of 'No Fee' Choreograph via Getty Images

The High Cost Of 'No Fee' Lawyers

Every year in Ontario, without warning and through no fault of their own, thousands of people are severely injured in car accidents. It could happen to you, because it happened to us. We come from different backgrounds, different parts of the province, and have lived very different lives; we never met until this year.
01/25/2017 05:51 EST