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Elizabeth Manley

Olympic Silver Medalist

Elizabeth Manley is the 1988 Olympic Silver Medalist and Olympic Freestyle Champion, and the winner of more than 50 national and international medals in her long and successful career. Boasting more than 30 years experience in both amateur and professional figure skating, she was the first Canadian female to successfully land a triple-double combination jump in competition, and she has participated in two Olympic Games, six World Championships, and has won three National Titles at the Canadian Championships. Now focused on speaking, coaching and charitable interests, Manley is a recipient of The Royal Order of Canada, and the author of two autobiographies: Thumbs Up!: The Elizabeth Manley Story and Elizabeth Manley: As I Am: My Life After the Olympics. Following a brief period of poor performance, Liz entered the 1988 Calgary Olympic Games as the underdog. Skating a phenomenal long program, Liz lost out on winning the gold medal by a fraction of a point. Her amazing comeback endeared her to Canadians and figure skating fans around the world. Upon winning the silver medal in Calgary, Liz retired from amateur skating to focus on professional events. She is a four-time World Cup Champion, a two-time U.S. Open Champion, Rock n’ Roll on Ice Champion, Diet Coke International Champion and a Legends of Figure Skating Champion. Liz now spends her time giving seminars nationally and coaching at her arena in Ontario. She is the former National Spokesperson for Herbal Magic, and a current spokesperson for Ovarian Cancer Canada, The Alzheimer’s Society of Ottawa, and the Winners Walk of Hope, which is Canada’s largest fundraiser for Ovarian Cancer. She is also an advocate for the Alzheimer’s Association of Canada. Liz is also the Ambassador for the Health Council of Canada’s "Better Value for the Money" campaign, and she regularly works with the Canadian Mental Health Association. Liz regularly works with the Canadian Mental Health Association., and she recently became a member of the Cancer Foundation Courage Campaign Presidents Advisory Circle in Ottawa. Liz was a sports commentator for NBC for the Salt Lake City and Torino Games, and was a part of the CTV broadcast team for the 2010 Vancouver Games. An uplifting, compassionate and inspirational speaker, Liz’s presentations centre around motivation, health awareness, mental illness, depression, surviving loss, and living -- and coping -- with loved ones suffering from Alzheimer’s. More information on Elizabeth Manley can be found at:
Would You Put Your Son in Hockey

Would You Put Your Son in Hockey Today?

It's heartbreaking to see great athletes crumble to the ice like rag dolls after these horrible hits. My complete confusion is why hasn't the NHL taken control of this? One, two, three game suspensions? That's nothing to these guys. How about one, two, three months?
06/13/2011 03:13 EDT