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Elizabeth May

Leader, Green Party of Canada/Chef du Parti vert du Canada

Elizabeth May is an environmentalist, writer, activist, lawyer, leader of the Green Party of Canada, and Member of Parliament elect for Saanich-Gulf Islands. Elizabeth became active in the environmental movement in the 1970s. <br> <br> Elizabeth is the author of seven books, including her most recent <em>Losing Confidence: Power, Politics and the Crisis in Canadian Democracy</em>. <br> <br> She became an Officer of the Order of Canada in 2005, was elected Leader of the Green Party in 2006, and in May 2011 became the first Canadian Green Party candidate elected to office. <br> <br> In November 2010, <em>Newsweek Magazine</em> named her “one of the world’s most influential women.” Elizabeth’s home is in Sidney, British Columbia. <br> <br> --------------------------- <br> <br> Elizabeth May est environnementaliste, auteure, militante et avocate, chef du Parti vert du Canada, et députée de Saanich-Gulf Islands à la Chambre des communes. Elizabeth s'est impliquée dans le mouvement environnemental dès les années 1970. <br> <br> Elizabeth est l'auteure de sept livres, dont le plus récent <em>Losing Confidence: Power, Politics and the Crisis in Canadian Democracy</em> a été publié en 2009 aux éditions MacLelland & Stewart. <br> <br> Elizabeth a été nommée Officier de l’Ordre du Canada en 2005, avant d'être élue l'année suivante chef du Parti vert du Canada. En mai 2011, elle est devenue la première élue du Parti vert à faire son entrée à la Chambre des communes. <br> <br> En novembre 2010, le magazine Newsweek a classé Elizabeth May parmi les femmes les plus influentes dans le monde. En 2012, ses collègues de la Chambre des Communes l'ont élue Parlementaire de l'année.
Trudeau Broke His Promises But Don't Let Him Break Our

Trudeau Broke His Promises But Don't Let Him Break Our Faith

Yes, I made excuses. Why am I so willing to give the benefit of the doubt? It is because I know how critical it is to keep hope alive. I do not want to feed the bad wolf. Citizen engagement and faith in the system are essential ingredients for our survival. We cannot risk feeding cynicism.
02/02/2017 05:39 EST
10 Reasons Why Trudeau Should Stay Tight-Lipped On

10 Reasons Why Trudeau Should Stay Tight-Lipped On Trump

Tom Mulcair recently called on Justin Trudeau to denounce Donald Trump. Mulcair has called Trump a "fascist" and criticizes Trudeau for merely shrugging when asked about Trump. But I disagree; think for a moment about Trump and his supporters, and realize why anything Trudeau says about Trump would inevitably be used against him. And I've got 10 examples to prove it.
04/07/2016 03:53 EDT
It's Time For Trudeau To Lead Canada Into Climate

It's Time For Trudeau To Lead Canada Into Climate Action

From Canada's early entry as a climate action leader -- hosting the world's first international scientific climate conference in 1988 -- until today, most governments have played for time. Stalling tactics and procrastination, two steps forward and one step back, have typified climate strategies. For the Trudeau administration, the clock is ticking loudly. Canada has still not replaced the weak target of the previous government. The Liberal platform promised a national plan, based on provincial consultations, within 90 days of the Paris talks, which is March 12.
03/02/2016 03:39 EST
Don't Confuse Peter MacKay's Pipeline Claims For

Don't Confuse Peter MacKay's Pipeline Claims For Facts

There is a catechism of the fossil fuel industry, with oft-repeated claims that seem by repetition to escape examination. Peter MacKay's recent opinion piece on pipelines was a veritable greatest hits compilation of such claims. He writes that "pipelines are by far the safest means of transporting oil." The first muddying of facts is the notion that we are talking about shipping oil. All the current pipeline proposals, including Energy East, are primarily about shipping unprocessed bitumen. Bitumen is in a pre-crude state and can only be casually referenced as "oil" if one accepted the idea that grain should be referred to as "croissants" when discussing markets.
02/25/2016 04:05 EST
Why A Gender-Balanced Cabinet

Why A Gender-Balanced Cabinet Matters

I do not recall anyone questioning the merits of male ministers being appointed as the vast majority of cabinets -- forever. Were all those stellar choices under Stephen Harper (Julian Fantino, Vic Toews, and Pierre Poilievre to name a few) just so unquestionably well-prepared for the job that the matter never came up? Or is it beyond obvious that questions of merit never surfaced when the expected men were put in their usual spots -- known as positions of power?
11/04/2015 01:56 EST
Why I Am Fighting Bill

Why I Am Fighting Bill C-51

It is actually five bills rolled into one. Each part contains provisions I can only describe as dangerous. It is more than anti-terrorism, as the range of activities covered by a new and sweeping definition of "threats to the security of Canada" in the information sharing section of the bill covers far more than terrorism. It could plausibly cover just about anything, and certainly would cover those opposing pipelines and tankers.
03/20/2015 01:27 EDT
Stop Stephen Harper's Assault on our National

Stop Stephen Harper's Assault on our National Parks

If Stephen Harper wants to boost tourism, why has his administration cancelled all advertising for Canada in the U.S. market? Every step he has taken (slashing access for seasonal workers to EI, cutting the programmes to allow visitors to claim back their GST and HST, and ending our advertising in the U.S.) appear geared to undermine the tourism sector. And our national parks are to be sacrificed to take up the slack.
12/05/2014 12:41 EST
I Spoke About Jian Before Knowing the

I Spoke About Jian Before Knowing the Facts

I tweeted my support for Jian yesterday before seeing the newspaper reported in today's Toronto Star. Due to my schedule in Parliament, I did not have a chance to read the Toronto Star story until after Question Period. I apologize to those who feel I let them down by appearing to "take sides" and disbelieve the women who were interviewed by the Toronto Star.
10/27/2014 06:58 EDT
How I Became Leader of the Green

How I Became Leader of the Green Party

It had to be the most embarrassing credit interview ever -- embarrassing both for me and for the woman from the Ottawa Women's Credit Union who had to ask the questions. Then the question I had not seen coming: "What do you want the line of credit for? Home renovations?" I swallowed hard and answered in a contrite whisper, "I need it to run for the leadership of a federal political party." I didn't think telling her it was the Green Party would help.
10/09/2014 04:16 EDT
Seems the Fraser Institute Didn't Quite

Seems the Fraser Institute Didn't Quite "Get" My Letter to John Kerry

The HuffPost blog from the Fraser Institute's Senior Director, Natural Resource Studies, Kenneth Green, set out to make me look uninformed based on my submission to the U.S. State Department on the proposed Keystone pipeline. From his first words, it was pretty clear he didn't grasp the concept of writing a letter.
03/24/2014 12:38 EDT
Why We Need a National Approach to Lyme

Why We Need a National Approach to Lyme Disease

For those readers who may not know about the impact of Lyme disease on Canadian society, its incidence has been spreading. The goal is to find better approaches to prevent Lyme through greater awareness, to identify best practices to diagnose and treat Lyme, and research to improve our knowledge.
02/25/2014 08:31 EST
The Senate Scandal Is Really Stephen's

The Senate Scandal Is Really Stephen's Scandal

While Stephen Harper would like to focus on "bad" senators behaving as "bad" senators do, abusing the public trust and claiming expenses for which they were not entitled, the larger scandal is the one that transpired inside PMO. The events in Langevin Block are of critical importance to the people of Canada. Let's face it -- from beginning to end, Stephen Harper was thick as thieves with Mike Duffy. The rules were there to be bent. And once the abuse of the public purse reached the light of day, just like so many sycophants before him, Mike Duffy was expected to happily roll under the bus. But, with apologies to Dylan Thomas, Mike Duffy will not go quietly under that good bus.
10/23/2013 05:27 EDT
What I Would Change About Politics in

What I Would Change About Politics in Canada

<img alt="2013-06-21-blog_canada_day_v02.gif" src="" width="300" height="70" /> In Canada we've got a problem. The symptoms are easy to spot. For example, low voter turnout, a less than vital Fourth Estate and public apathy. What could we change to restore the kind of healthy democracy that would re-engage voters, stop the growth in public cynicism and give Canadians a system -- and individual politicians --they could believe in? Here's a short prescription for what ails our democracy.
06/25/2013 08:02 EDT
10 Reasons Why Harper Isn't Really

10 Reasons Why Harper Isn't Really Canadian

In a Global interview with Laura Stone, I am quoted as saying that Stephen Harper is "not Canadian." Having lunch with a reporter on virtually no sleep is a high risk proposition, but I didn't say anything I didn't mean. The issue is this: unlike any prime minister in our history -- Liberal or Conservative -- Mr. Harper reflects a political culture foreign to Canada. What makes me say Mr. Harper has strayed from those traditional Canadian values and style of governance? Well, here's a short list.
06/06/2013 08:49 EDT
May: Canadian Officials Should Be Ashamed For Attacking

May: Canadian Officials Should Be Ashamed For Attacking Scientists

Earlier this week, our Minister for Natural Resources, the Hon. Joe Oliver, went to Washington on what the Canadian media mistakenly insists on calling a "charm offensive." It really cannot be described as having anything to do with "charm" when the minister, fresh from having told La Presse that scientists are less worried about global warming; that 2 degrees is not a big deal, decided to insult one of the USA's most respected scientists, James Hansen. Dr. Hansen is not just someone who used to work at NASA. He was NASA's top climate scientist. Thursday, I found this tribute to him that will give Canadians a sense of his stature south of the border and globally.
04/26/2013 08:00 EDT
What Does Joe Oliver Know About Science? Not

What Does Joe Oliver Know About Science? Not Much

Attitudes and willful blindness form the basis of federal government policy as expressed by our federal Minister of Natural Resources, and that it is a sign of negligent disregard for the public interest. It is unacceptable. A revealing exchange with the editorial board of La Presse confirms that if Joe Oliver has ever had a science briefing, he wasn't listening.
04/13/2013 11:44 EDT
My Critics Favour

My Critics Favour "Truthiness" Over Fact

I don't know Mr. McCullough, but in reviewing his blogs he seems to have embraced the weary cynic style of punditry. The strange attack on me as a pointless entity, "The Stonehenge of Canadian politics" as he would have it, is riddled with the kind of errors that favour "truthiness" over accuracy. Contrary to McCullough's uninformed rant, Green principles actually reject the leader-as-boss model of other parties. We need a Green Party in Canada precisely because none of the other parties are consistent in raising the spectre of the climate crisis, nor in advancing solutions to avert its most serious threats.
04/02/2013 09:29 EDT
I Stand Behind My Tweet Comparing Canada To North

I Stand Behind My Tweet Comparing Canada To North Korea

This is a larger, more esoteric blog than merely defending my use of North Korea and Canada in the same sentence. But, okay, I am also defending my use of North Korea and Canada in the same sentence. The analogy is that in one context only -- global environmental treaties -- Canada is acting rogue, and since North Korea is the most shocking example of a rogue state, the analogy is to North Korea. Given the challenges of Twitter, I think saying Canada is the North Korea of environmental treaties captures it very well. Not literally true in any respect. But as an analogy, it explains just how shocking Stephen Harper's actions really are.
03/29/2013 03:00 EDT
New and Improved Oil

New and Improved Oil Spills!

Has the virtual removal of single-hulled tankers ended the risk of oil spills? Not actually. Despite the exuberance of natural resources minister Joe Oliver's rhetoric, double-hulls possess no magical powers. Their use has not ended the risk of accidents and oil spills.
03/20/2013 05:38 EDT
Joyce Murray, I Salute

Joyce Murray, I Salute You

It is clear that, at least for the moment, efforts at cooperation are being thwarted by the NDP and by most of the Liberal leadership candidates. It needs to be mentioned in this context that B.C. MP Joyce Murray stands out as the exception to all the rules. As a contender for Liberal leader, she is advocating many of the same things that I have been doing as leader of the Greens.
02/11/2013 05:42 EST