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Elizabeth May

Leader, Green Party of Canada/Chef du Parti vert du Canada

Elizabeth May is an environmentalist, writer, activist, lawyer, leader of the Green Party of Canada, and Member of Parliament elect for Saanich-Gulf Islands. Elizabeth became active in the environmental movement in the 1970s.

Elizabeth is the author of seven books, including her most recent Losing Confidence: Power, Politics and the Crisis in Canadian Democracy.

She became an Officer of the Order of Canada in 2005, was elected Leader of the Green Party in 2006, and in May 2011 became the first Canadian Green Party candidate elected to office.

In November 2010, Newsweek Magazine named her “one of the world’s most influential women.” Elizabeth’s home is in Sidney, British Columbia.


Elizabeth May est environnementaliste, auteure, militante et avocate, chef du Parti vert du Canada, et députée de Saanich-Gulf Islands à la Chambre des communes. Elizabeth s'est impliquée dans le mouvement environnemental dès les années 1970.

Elizabeth est l'auteure de sept livres, dont le plus récent Losing Confidence: Power, Politics and the Crisis in Canadian Democracy a été publié en 2009 aux éditions MacLelland & Stewart.

Elizabeth a été nommée Officier de l’Ordre du Canada en 2005, avant d'être élue l'année suivante chef du Parti vert du Canada. En mai 2011, elle est devenue la première élue du Parti vert à faire son entrée à la Chambre des communes.

En novembre 2010, le magazine Newsweek a classé Elizabeth May parmi les femmes les plus influentes dans le monde. En 2012, ses collègues de la Chambre des Communes l'ont élue Parlementaire de l'année.
Joyce Murray, I Salute CP

Joyce Murray, I Salute You

It is clear that, at least for the moment, efforts at cooperation are being thwarted by the NDP and by most of the Liberal leadership candidates. It needs to be mentioned in this context that B.C. MP Joyce Murray stands out as the exception to all the rules. As a contender for Liberal leader, she is advocating many of the same things that I have been doing as leader of the Greens.
02/11/2013 05:42 EST
No Time for a Victory Lap, Mr. President. Your Planet Is

No Time for a Victory Lap, Mr. President. Your Planet Is Calling

In the wake of the devastation of Hurricane Sandy and the summer of parched earth and lost crops, the world needs the U.S. to join the European Union in moving aggressively to a low-carbon economy. Barak Obama got a second chance. Let's hope that the rest of us did too.
11/07/2012 10:35 EST
Welcome Huffington Post, to Newsworthy

Welcome Huffington Post, to Newsworthy B.C.!

Welcome to the new British Columbia edition of HuffPost. And welcome to B.C., HuffPost! With the Harper agenda set to take on traditional, Constitutionally protected and inherent rights of First Nations, British Columbia will be in the forefront. As we are in issues of harm reduction and progressive policies to assist those with medical issues of drug addiction.
08/16/2012 07:17 EDT
When it Comes to the Pipeline, Harper Talks in

When it Comes to the Pipeline, Harper Talks in Circles

Yesterday in British Columbia, Prime Minister Stephen Harper tried to sound a note of reason on the subject of the increasingly unpopular proposal to build 1,100 kilometres of Northern Gateway pipeline. And he talked about basing these decisions on science. My favourite bit, if I am allowed favourite bits of whoppers, was the gratuitous, "As I've said repeatedly." Where and when did he ever say anything like this before? Let's look at what he actually has said repeatedly...
08/09/2012 12:10 EDT
Bill C-38: The Tories' Soiled CP

Bill C-38: The Tories' Soiled Green

Nearly half of Bill C-38 is directed at rewriting Canada's foundational environmental laws. Putting all this in a fast-track budget bill, with time allocation on debate, and heading to the Finance Committee, is a direct assault on the principles of parliamentary democracy.
05/08/2012 03:56 EDT
Keep Fish (and Other Environment Issues)

Keep Fish (and Other Environment Issues) Federal

In the recent announcement about changes to the environmental assessment process, the Conservatives have dropped any pretense they care about Canada's natural environment, and have reduced the federal government's oversight role to miniscule proportions.
04/18/2012 11:35 EDT
Election Scandals Didn't Start With AFP/Getty Images

Election Scandals Didn't Start With Robocalls

Lately, a lot of allegations have been made that there were election irregularities and some outright crimes committed in the 2011 election. When one thinks about the election skulduggery of the last six years, it is clear that Canada does a poor job of getting to the bottom of some serious crimes. Here's a short list of the ones that still bother me.
04/03/2012 07:32 EDT
Why the 2012 Budget Is the Worst in Canada's CP

Why the 2012 Budget Is the Worst in Canada's History

The most serious threat to our future is the climate crisis. A responsible government would be working to reduce fossil fuel dependence and maximize jobs in energy efficiency retrofits, conservation, and investments in renewable energy. This budget does not even mention climate change.
04/02/2012 08:28 EDT
Harper Turns Green to

Harper Turns Green to Black

This week the House Committee for the Environment issued a pre-ordained set of recommendations to further destroy environmental review. After 35 years of working on environmental assessment, I am watching the current government weaken the process to less than we had in 1977.
03/14/2012 05:23 EDT
If I Were Prime

If I Were Prime Minister...

In Canada, we face a significant menace to our democracy. If I were prime minister, I would have to start by reducing my own powers.
05/26/2011 08:08 EDT