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Ellen Starr

Marital and Family Therapist

Ellen Starr holds a master’s degree in psychology and human development from the University of Cincinnati, Ohio. Her studies also included a focus on human sexuality at the Kinsey Institute. She has worked with organizations including Planned Parenthood, the Jewish Family and Child Services of Toronto, and the Branson Hospital.

Ellen has been a guest speaker on the topic of sexuality for Hadassah, B’nai Brith, and for Moms in the City, and has been quoted as an expert in the Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star, Toronto Life, and Today’s Parent. She is a clinical member of the Ontario Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, and a registered marital and family therapist (RMFT).

In addition to her work with various organizations, Ellen has more than 20 years experience in her private practice in Toronto, with a focus on individual psychotherapy, couples counselling (including marriage therapy) and sexual therapy.
Sex Is A Language: What Are You

Sex Is A Language: What Are You Saying?

Try hard never to envy your partner. Envy is sex poison. If you want good sex, learn to be a good companion. A good companion listens. Sex is always changing for any given individual and every couple, and so communication should never end. The good news is the potential to reawaken desire never dies.
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