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Elliot M. Cho

M.A. Candidate (Political Science), Carleton University, Ottawa

I am a graduate student studying Political Science at Carleton University, Ottawa. I have previously served as Junior Research Fellow at NATO Association of Canada. I have a special interest in geopolitics in Eastern Europe and East Asia.
Reading 'Gone With The Wind' In A Time Of

Reading 'Gone With The Wind' In A Time Of Crisis

Frankly, I have had little interest in reading fictions for decades. However, I had the privilege of becoming acquainted with a person just as beautiful as Vivien Leigh. Now, who could motivate me to...
02/13/2017 09:17 EST
Canada Still Has Much To Learn From The United Bloomberg via Getty Images

Canada Still Has Much To Learn From The United States

Nothing is more dangerous than the efforts to make ourselves feel good about being Canadians by telling us that we are all good and free from the toxicity of U.S. politics. We keep telling ourselves that the incidents where we portrayed our distrust and hate towards each other are all isolated incidents, carried out by the misfits. They don't represent who we are. We are nice people. We need to wake up.
02/02/2017 06:34 EST
South Korea's 'Candlelight Revolution' Kim Hong-Ji / Reuters

South Korea's 'Candlelight Revolution' Matters

Koreans had more than enough reason to go out to the streets. They are tired of insecurity and hardship. Opposition parties were often too busy fighting each other. Economy has worsen under Park Geun-hye. College students are overburdened with debt, and have little hope for finding a stable employment after graduation.
12/13/2016 08:06 EST