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Eman Bare

Journalist, writer, fashion designer and yoga teacher

Eman is a Saskatchewan based journalist who currently works for CBC, Teen Vogue and MuslimGirl. She is a graduate of the University of Regina School of Journalism, where upon graduation she was awarded the CTV Investigative Journalism scholarship. Eman was among 23 women to be selected across Canada to speak at the Bold Vision Conference in Prince Edward Island. When she is not writing, she's designing clothing for her eco-friendly clothing line, teaching a yoga class or making awkward hijab jokes.
#OurThreeBrothers: Do You See Us Black Muslims Omar Alnatour

#OurThreeBrothers: Do You See Us Black Muslims Now?

It's become clear that Muslim bodies are only newsworthy when they are responsible for a crime and not when they are the victims. We love to complain about injustices against Muslims, but in our own mosques choose to echo so many oppressive views. We want justice, but only for some of us. We talk about Islamophobia but never anti-blackness.
03/03/2016 11:28 EST