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Emerson Csorba

3M National Student Fellow

Emerson Csorba is a fourth-year Sciences Politiques student at the University of Alberta's Campus Saint-Jean, and a 3M National Student Fellow with the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. In 2011-2012, he represented 30,000 undergraduates as a Students' Union VP Academic, and now spends his time running, writing, organizing conferences and relaxing at coffee shops with friends.
Do Today's Gen Y Students Have Too Much

Do Today's Gen Y Students Have Too Much Ambition?

The younger portion of Generation Y -- the students still roaming college campuses -- must work at a breakneck speed in order to create the lives that they desire. If they sit at home and relax, then their degree will net nothing more than a full-time gig at Starbucks, or so they say. Thus, there is increasing pressure to make oneself suffocatingly busy, setting aside virtually no free time for creative activities. We are caught in a cycle of one-upmanship: volunteer more, study harder, work longer hours.
07/06/2013 02:13 EDT