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Emily C. Johnson

A blogger, writer and green tea drinker

Emily C. Johnson is a writer and contributor to many websites about health, productivity and entrepreneurship. She shares her experience with others, and you can always find more works of hers on Twitter: @emilyjohnson322
Here's How You Know If You're Ready To Turn A Hobby Into A

Here's How You Know If You're Ready To Turn A Hobby Into A Job

The thing is, you can monetize anything that provides value to others: five in 10 people gain income from their hobbies today, whether it's painting, baking, writing, or even dog training. The other thing is, you should know how to do that. But since before learning how to do that, make sure you want to do that.
04/12/2017 12:13 EDT
Workplace Depression Is

Workplace Depression Is Real

My alarm rings, I try to wake up and go out of bed but... I can't: my body feels like a heavy sandbag forced down to the mattress, my mind races, and my eyes traitorously well up with tears. The first emotion is fear. Not that I can't get up but that I could be late for work. I try to leave my bed again. No luck. And yet, my mental block doesn't prevent me from calling to a boss and asking for one day off for health reasons. Depression. It's real.
10/13/2016 03:15 EDT