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Emily C. Johnson

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Emily C. Johnson is a writer and contributor to many websites about health, productivity and entrepreneurship. She shares her experience with others, and you can always find more works of hers on Twitter: @emilyjohnson322
Workplace Depression Is Eric Audras via Getty Images

Workplace Depression Is Real

My alarm rings, I try to wake up and go out of bed but... I can't: my body feels like a heavy sandbag forced down to the mattress, my mind races, and my eyes traitorously well up with tears. The first emotion is fear. Not that I can't get up but that I could be late for work. I try to leave my bed again. No luck. And yet, my mental block doesn't prevent me from calling to a boss and asking for one day off for health reasons. Depression. It's real.
10/13/2016 03:15 EDT