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Emily Cornelius

Sports writer with a love for the gritty analytics of the game, but a soft spot for the underdog.

Big time Sports Fan - My first words were 'Juan Guzman.' I pay my bills as an Advertiser here in Toronto, but Sports and writing have always been my true passion. I can usually be found either playing slo-pitch, at the Jays or Leafs game, yelling loudly at my TV from the couch, lecturing my beagle on the importance of clearing the puck, or scouring Twitter for insider information. I am living proof that a girl can grow up a Leaf fan and not be too emotionally scarred.
Why I Chose A Career In Annie Engel via Getty Images

Why I Chose A Career In Gold

When the US went off the gold standard in 1971, all currencies essentially became fiat monies, with their value derived from the governments that issue them rather than from commodities. This was the birth of instability of floating currencies. This is why gold is powerful.Gold isn't about getting you rich, gold is about preserving value and purchasing power -- avoiding what makes you poor.
06/30/2016 10:26 EDT