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Emily Kennedy

Social Media Specialist, Writer, Editor

Emily has worked as a magazine editor, content strategist, journalist, government ghostwriter, and more. She currently works as the Co-Founder of creative communications consulting company Skunk Social.

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Will the Government Co-operate With Canada's Co-ops?

This week, Montreal will welcome hundreds of leaders from a business sector that is trying to "build a better world": The co-op sector. Co-op leaders from across Canada are meeting in celebration of the UN International Year of Co-operatives. Although awareness remains the biggest challenge for the co-op sector, it also presents an opportunity for government to step in and do some good.
06/28/2012 08:17 EDT
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Get Occupied With The Co-op Movement

Despite the ability of co-ops to offer clear solutions and leadership (two areas where critics crap on Occupiers for sucking harder than an airplane toilet), the Co-op Movement admittedly falls short in one area where Occupy thrives: grabbing your attention.
11/18/2011 12:09 EST

Arrested Adulthood: Pre-Adults Stuck Between Life Stages

Did you think you were an adult already? Sorry. I too just learned I wasn't. It's kind of shocking, right? Or is it a relief (do I get better tax credits with that)? Well, researchers think we're in a whole new life stage they call "arrested adulthood."
08/26/2011 01:19 EDT