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Emily Lyons

Emily Lyons is a Canadian, female entrepreneur determined to shake things up. Follow her on instagram @emilylyoness

Emily Lyons is a female entrepreneur. Emily created Canada's leading event staffing agency Femme Fatale Media, the first all natural eyelash adhesive True Glue Adhesive and luxury matchmaking boutique Lyons Elite. @emilylyoness
A Message To Young

A Message To Young Women

You could almost smell the smoke racing up from the wreckage of the bridge she was burning -- hear the cracking, snapping
05/05/2017 02:04 EDT
The Importance Of Brand Ambassadors In A Digital

The Importance Of Brand Ambassadors In A Digital World

As the CEO of a North American experiential marketing agency, I have a tendency to chronically think about marketing as a whole -- its past, present, and future. With the explosive growth of internet-based marketing approaches, some executives and marketing managers have wondered about the role of brand ambassadors in this new advertising landscape. Do companies still need brand ambassadors for effective marketing? Or are brand ambassadors rendered obsolete by the Digital Age?
04/05/2017 03:32 EDT
Why Experiential Marketing Will Rule

Why Experiential Marketing Will Rule 2017

The 21st century is moving at the speed of light. The marketplace is becoming increasingly diversified, as consumers face more choices and options than ever before. Many brands are struggling to keep up with their competitors, and wind up jumping into a rat race to the bottom where the only noticeable brand differentiator is price. And many of advertising's most time-honored tactical methods are losing their punch, impact, and power to influence minds in a real way.
03/21/2017 05:32 EDT
These Are The Reasons Why I Marched For My Fellow

These Are The Reasons Why I Marched For My Fellow Women

When I heard about the Women's March happening on January 21, I instantly knew I would participate. So when Saturday made its appearance in Toronto -- complete with an ashy grey sky overhead -- I was there. Many of my friends asked me why I was going -- and what, exactly, we were protesting for.
01/23/2017 02:22 EST
Entrepreneurs Have A Duty To Social

Entrepreneurs Have A Duty To Social Consciousness

But because entrepreneurship is now under the intense spotlight of society's gaze, this puts a certain duty on entrepreneurs and business leaders in general. More than ever, today's entrepreneurs have a duty to exercise social consciousness. As arbiters of innovation, entrepreneurs -- true entrepreneurs, and not the star-struck wannabes who lack the true entrepreneurial spirit -- are in a prime position to shape the course of culture and society.
11/22/2016 07:21 EST
I Founded 3 Successful Companies Before I Turned

I Founded 3 Successful Companies Before I Turned 30

When I was younger, I didn't really think I'd end up being an entrepreneur and running my own companies. But seven years ago, I found something that keeps me up at night, gives me butterflies whenever I think about it and is something I'm willing sacrifice anything for.
07/07/2016 11:59 EDT
Your Fave Makeup Could Be Harming The

Your Fave Makeup Could Be Harming The Environment

As a teenager, I felt all giddy whenever I got new makeup -- I couldn't wait to try the newest cosmetic brands and make my friends a tad envious. Of course, I didn't know it then, but every time I washed the makeup off my face, I was participating in a vast system of global environmental pollution.
06/30/2016 03:50 EDT