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Emily S. Queenan

M.D. and advisor with

Emily S. Queenan, M.D., currently resides in Rochester, New York, where she had, for five years, a solo full-spectrum family medicine practice Queenan Family Medicine and Maternity Care. She is an advisor with, a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, and completed her family medicine residency at the University of Rochester/Highland Hospital in Rochester, N.Y., where she also served as chief resident.
Why This U.S. Doctor Is Moving to

Why This U.S. Doctor Is Moving to Canada

I had a vision of cultivating a practice where patients felt heard and cared for, and where I could provide full-spectrum family medicine care, including obstetrical care. My practice embraced the principles of patient-centered collaborative care. It employed the latest in 21st-century technology. I loved my work and my patients. But after five years of constant fighting with multiple private insurance companies in order to get paid, I ultimately made the heart-wrenching decision to close my practice down. The emotional stress was too great.
05/05/2015 08:59 EDT