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Emily Zinnemann


Emily Zinnemann was born in Los Angeles and raised in California and British Columbia. She graduated from the University of Toronto and received a Masters of Fine Arts degree from the University of Michigan.

After completing her MFA, she conceived and executed the LivedBy project, in which she ceded control of her life to the Internet for 39 weeks. She has worked as a publicist, university instructor, and social media consultant. Today, Emily lives in Brooklyn, New York and blogs at TIWWCBF.
Mothers and Daughters: How to Be Your Own

Mothers and Daughters: How to Be Your Own Person

I suppose it's perfectly natural for my mother to see me as an extension of herself. However, since my birth I have steadily grown more distant, more autonomous, and her constant, invisible presence seems somehow like an invasion of privacy.
07/21/2011 09:15 EDT
Mothers and Daughters: What Does it Mean to Be a

Mothers and Daughters: What Does it Mean to Be a Daughter?

My mom clearly knows what it is to be a mother. She bakes cookies and wants me to call more. She tries (comically, unsuccessfully) to matchmake and frets (poignantly, wistfully) that I'm far from home. But what does it mean to be daughterly?
07/07/2011 07:53 EDT
Mothers and Daughters: A Fairy

Mothers and Daughters: A Fairy Tale?

Though my childhood was a fairy tale of sorts, my relationship with my mother has not been without its difficulties. I left home almost 10 years ago and have not been back for more than two weeks at a stretch. Now she wants me to blog with her and I confess it's not my favorite of her many zany ideas.
06/09/2011 08:43 EDT