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Emma Waverman

Parenting writer, author

Emma Waverman is a parenting writer, blogger and author.

She has been writing about good, the bad and the chaotic of family life at for six years and is on a number of must-read and top ten lists around the country.

Emma co-wrote the best-selling cookbook Whining and Dining: Mealtime Survival for Picky Eaters And Families Who Love Them after it was obvious that her kids were going to live on plain pasta unless she interceded. Now they also eat the best brownies in the world.

You can find her lifestyle, parenting and food writing in numerous Canadian magazines, websites and newspapers. Emma received her journalism degree from Boston University before blogging was even a "thing".

Most often, she is making typos on Twitter at @emmawaverman. You can like EmbracetheChaos on Facebook. And if you still want to know more, check out
5 Things Parents Can Learn From a Professional Shutterstock

5 Things Parents Can Learn From a Professional Optimist

Let's be clear, when the glass is half-full, it is still half empty. Even when the glass is 100 per cent full, it is on it's way to being half-empty. I live by this mantra. So you won't find me posting inspirational quotes with sunrises in the background (up at sunrise -- blech), or putting a cheery face on an difficult situation.
09/29/2015 08:01 EDT
23 Things I've Learned From 6 Years as a Mom Compassionate Eye Foundation/Steven Errico via Getty Images

23 Things I've Learned From 6 Years as a Mom Blogger

After six years of writing about hot topics in parenting, I have read many studies, talked to countless experts and quoted hundreds of news stories. During that time, my family has grown a collective six feet, and aged from preschoolers and kids to teens and tweens. And I want to be honest when I tell you that despite the thousands of hours I have spent reading and researching parenting, I still have no idea what the hell I am doing.
05/06/2015 11:46 EDT
Does Your Kid Have a Concussion? Tips for Getty

Does Your Kid Have a Concussion? Tips for Parents

A concussion is an invisible injury that can not be seen by MRI, CAT scan or X-rays. A concussion can affect the way a person thinks, feels and remembers things. My son had a "mild" concussion. He didn't display many of the symptoms other than a slight sensitivity to sound for a day. Overall, the discussion of concussions is a good thing for everybody.
02/06/2014 09:37 EST
Tips For Eco-Friendly Family Anna Garforth

Tips For Eco-Friendly Family Travel

My recent trip got me thinking about how I could be a better, more responsible traveler. How could I teach my children to enjoy travel, but also do it in an eco and culturally responsible way? I was not surprised to find that I am not alone in trying to find that balance.
02/02/2014 02:39 EST
Why Was a Family Fined for Taking Their Kids on

Why Was a Family Fined for Taking Their Kids on Vacation?

A British couple has been fined 1,800 dollars (approximately) for taking their two kids to Greece for one week during the school year. Their vacation contravened a new British law that forbids missing school for a vacation. I have no issue with pulling your kids out of school for vacation. I think kids learn a lot more from experience than they do from sitting at a desk.
01/24/2014 05:41 EST
Old Spice's Viral Mom Song Ad: Creepy or Old spice

Old Spice's Viral Mom Song Ad: Creepy or Cute?

Over 3 million views later, Old Spice has gone viral again with their newest "Mom Song" ad. Some people are laughing all the way to the share button after seeing the ad. Others are kind of creeped out by the stalking mothers following their handsome, horny teen boys around. But is it accurate?
01/08/2014 12:11 EST
As a Mother, I Hate Apple's Holiday Bloomberg via Getty Images

As a Mother, I Hate Apple's Holiday Ad

The "heartwarming" Apple commercial opens on a teen who looks surprisingly like my own screen-obsessed son. His head is buried in his phone, he never looks up or participates in the hectic holiday happenings. It is a scene that is so familiar to many of us. And then at the end he stands and shows his whole family that he has actually been creating a moving, heartfelt video of their time together (thanks to Apple's edit features and AirPlay). His mother's face crumbles -- she had it all wrong. He is truly present in family life. Except it's not true.
12/31/2013 12:35 EST