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Eoin Finn

Yogi, Surfer and Blissologist

Eoin Finn is a yogi, surfer and blissologist residing between Vancouver, B.C. and Venice, Calif. He teaches his unique and transformative Blissology Yoga classes and workshops across the globe. Blissology is the art of tuning into the force that makes us feel connected to each other and the planet and using it to guide us so that we achieve our personal goals while minimizing our impact on the web of life.

He is the author of the Blissology Project and his writings have been featured in Peak Vitality with authors such as Deepak Chopra and Eckhart Tolle. His new Earth. Body. Yoga video (launching in October 2013) turns the physical Hatha Yoga practice into a powerful ritual that connects us back to Nature.

My Life Mission: “To stay in touch with the that deep vibration of Love so that I can be a conduit for it in all I do in life. I want to inspire people to be continuously lit up by this mysterious but powerful force. One of the best ways is to get out in nature and let its beauty fuel you. Love is the ultimate renewable resource™”
Say 'Thank

Say 'Thank You'

It's 11 pm at the Hampton Inn in a Seattle suburb. I close the curtains, shutting out the lights from all the big box stores
04/29/2014 05:30 EDT
How I Learned to Love the Chaos of

How I Learned to Love the Chaos of Bombay

This time when I practiced yoga in Bombay, the honking actually relaxed me. I could feel the city's pulse as an insider and wasn't from the outside looking in. When I stood on my yoga mat high above the city, warm smoggy breeze in my hair, I felt as at peace with the honking as I would practicing yoga to the sound of crickets in a field.
01/14/2014 12:30 EST
Do You Know This Trick to Life? It's More Than Mere

Do You Know This Trick to Life? It's More Than Mere Happiness

I like to tell this story because I feel that our job as yoga instructors is to do what artists, poets, and priests do; to remind us of the great truth that to cling only to sweet as our only form of happiness is a trap. Sorrow teaches us about love and even bliss... if we let it. Ultimately, we can't share the light if we aren't cracked open.
12/09/2013 06:27 EST
How I Prepare to Teach a Yoga

How I Prepare to Teach a Yoga Class

You may think yogis are as non-judgmental as some of the spiritual texts would have you believe. The reality is this is a crowded profession. At yoga festivals like this, people give you just one chance. As a presenter if you give a mediocre class or have an off day, the word of mouth that this guy's class was "just ok" will filter through the festival and attendance will be low.
11/12/2013 05:47 EST
Put Down Your Smart Phone and Pick Up Your Heart

Put Down Your Smart Phone and Pick Up Your Heart Phone

<img alt="2013-10-09-ScreenSenseEnglish300.jpg" src="" width="295" height="77" /> I am trying to teach my two and half year old son how to pray. I tell him it's like talking on the phone to his grandparents but through a "heart phone." Five minutes is equivalent to four sentences of an email so invest that time being "unplugged" in nature. You may just plug into something profound.
10/17/2013 07:53 EDT