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Eoin Madden

Climate Change Campaigner

Eoin Madden (pronounced "Owen") is a climate campaigner with the Wilderness Committee, Canada’s largest membership-based, citizen-funded wilderness protection group. Prior to joining the Wilderness Committee he worked at as a legal assistant at Ecojustice, where he spent much of his time tracking Kinder Morgan's applications to regulatory bodies for the Trans Mountain pipeline.

Now he's giddy as a goat to be working with British Columbians to stop harmful resource projects — from coal port expansions to tar sands pipelines and fracking — and move toward real action on climate change. He believes that Canada can make the shift to being a clean energy provider and provide long-term sustainable jobs as a result. He looks forward to providing Huffington Post readers the inside track on all things environmental.
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True Climate Leadership Means Stepping Away From LNG

90 per cent of all new wells drilled in B.C. that would supply the province's proposed liquefied natural gas (LNG) industry will be fracked. Fracking demands massive amounts of freshwater, industrializes large areas of northeast B.C. and has major impacts on the climate. So, how is the B.C. government getting away with touting this industry as a "clean" energy resource?
11/11/2015 03:13 EST

It's Time For Cross-Border Climate Action Along The Salish Sea

So long as all of that good work in the U.S. can be undone by backward Canadian decision-making, we'll never make true progress. That's exactly why it is so critical for Americans, Canadians, First Nations and Tribes to come together to stop fossil fuel exports from the west coast of North America -- particularly through the waters of Puget Sound, the Strait of Georgia and the Strait of Juan de Fuca, collectively known as the Salish Sea.
09/19/2014 04:58 EDT

We Are All 'Directly Affected' By Kinder Morgan Pipeline

In effect, our right to participate in environmental reviews was restricted by a new requirement placed on each and every one of us -- we are now being forced to prove that we are directly affected by Kinder Morgan's pipeline proposal, or demonstrate that we have specific information of use to the NEB.
02/07/2014 06:04 EST

B.C.'s LNG Industry Grows As Our Fresh Water Supply Shrinks

The provincial government isn't telling us the serious risks behind its LNG ambitions. In order to produce fracked gas, an enormous amount of our freshwater is rendered toxic. Each fracking project can use up to 5 million gallons of water. Natural gas extraction isn't so natural anymore.
06/05/2013 11:49 EDT