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Eric Doherty

Transportation Planner, Writer

Eric Doherty is a transportation planner and writer. In his consulting business, <a href="" rel="nofollow">Ecopath Planning</a>. Eric specializes in improving community livability while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. He co-authored the 2011 Climate Justice Project report <a href="" rel="nofollow">Transportation Transformation: Building Complete Communities and a Zero-Emission Transportation System in B.C.</a>
North Van Mayor Proposes Way Out Of Transit Rreferendum

North Van Mayor Proposes Way Out Of Transit Rreferendum Quagmire

One innovative plan that has been considered for about a decade, but has never been funded, is a system commonly used in Europe called "headway operations." This means buses depart at regular intervals keeping the headway (time between buses) even and avoiding bunching, instead of trying vainly to stay on a fixed schedule in widely varying conditions. This is how most rapid transit systems including SkyTrain operate.
02/24/2014 05:13 EST
'Dumbest Public Policy Award' Is A

'Dumbest Public Policy Award' Is A Compliment

Given that a time-consuming legal review will be required before a border toll can be implemented, it almost certainly won't be on the November ballot. But given the climate crisis, it is essential that we provide ways for people to get around and avoid burning so much fossil fuel. Taxes on high-carbon fuels to provide better low-carbon transit is one of the better ways to accomplish this, and a border toll is an effective mechanism to reduce carbon tax avoidance.
01/20/2014 06:44 EST