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The Main Ingredients Holiday Challenge: Holiday Potluck (Challenger's Meal)

I'm pretty fortunate to have a broad list of contacts available to me, and among them is celebrity chef Christian Pritchard. When I was at a loss for how to pull off this challenge, I reached out to him and he quickly called me while he was in between shows at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto. Within only a few minutes we hammered out the framework for a dish, which I continued building out until I eventually came up with the following recipe. Enjoy!
12/18/2013 05:59 EST

The Main Ingredients Challenge #2: Lunch For The Kids (Challenger Meal)

The challenge presented to me was to come up with a lunch that was suitable for an entire family while using as many of a specific list of ingredients as possible. In this instance, my ingredient list was as follows: bok choy, apples, turkey, walnuts, lentils, whole wheat pita, edamame, squash, sweet potatoes, ricotta cheese, bananas and cauliflower.
09/27/2013 02:16 EDT