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Eric Ritskes

Founder & Editor of open access Decolonization journal, PhD candidate

Eric Ritskes is a PhD candidate in Sociology and Equity Studies at the University of Toronto. He is the founder and editor of the online, open access journal Decolonization: Indigeneity, Education & Society and
frequently writes on issues at the intersection of indigeneity, race and decolonization.
The Defacement of Sandra Bland Mural Proves #AllLivesMatter Is Facebook/Black Lives Matter - Ottawa Coalition

The Defacement of Sandra Bland Mural Proves #AllLivesMatter Is Destructive

In the wake of Sandra Bland's death, artists Kalkidan Assefa and Allan Andre painted a mural in Ottawa in remembrance. Less than 48 hours after it was completed, the mural of Sandra Bland was defaced with "All Lives Matter." Make no mistake, this is an act of white supremacy. #AllLivesMatter is a mantra of white supremacy that ignores history, social relations, power, and, most of all, the lives of non-white people. #AllLivesMatter is a mantra of peaceful multiculturalism that proclaims equality in the face of disproportionate violence against black and indigenous peoples, in particular.
07/29/2015 01:12 EDT