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Erica Lenti

Associate Editor, Kitchen Daily Canada

Erica Lenti is the associate editor of Kitchen Daily Canada and a Toronto-based freelance writer. She writes about food, women's and LGBTQ issues and Toronto living.
TVO, Stephen Fry Tackle TVO

TVO, Stephen Fry Tackle Homophobia

It is easy to lose sight of just how rampant homophobia is while living in a progressive, liberal society -- like most Canadian cities. Here, gay marriage has been legal for more than decade, anti-hom...
09/09/2014 04:15 EDT
Williams' Death Makes Me Think Of Myself Back On The Edge of That Subway CARL COURT via Getty Images

Williams' Death Makes Me Think Of Myself Back On The Edge of That Subway Platform

Mental health isn't just about feeling good. As someone who has suffered with generalized anxiety disorder and subsequent depressive episodes, the last thing I want to read is feel-good drivel. What the media needs to focus on is honesty -- like the countless numbers of medications I've tried just not to have a panic attack on a subway car, the days I skipped work to lie in bed and cry (and how I always told my friends, family and employers I was sick), the pounds I shed not being able to eat in my depressive state, the long hours I spent in a therapist's office because I didn't know how to "fix my head."
08/12/2014 01:24 EDT
Pride Week Helps Me Cope With a Lifetime of Norberto Cuenca via Getty Images

Pride Week Helps Me Cope With a Lifetime of Homophobia

For a majority of Torontonians, Pride is just another big-city party. But beyond the booze and the naked leathermen, Pride is an inherently political celebration of freedom -- for LGBTQ people just like me to be who we are without fearing we'll be the target of yet another verbal assault or hate crime. I wake up every day knowing my traditional Italian family will never accept me, watch me walk down the aisle or even meet my future wife. But all those fears seem to slip away when I'm surrounded by a community of people who know the same fear and sense of injustice I do. And when we are banded together, marching down Yonge Street with flags and Super Soakers, we are practically invincible.
06/24/2014 12:20 EDT