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Erika Katz

Author, Bonding Over Beauty

Author of the book Bonding over Beauty, A Mother-Daughter Guide to Self-Esteem, Confidence and Trust (Greenleaf Press, March 2011), and Bonding Over Beauty: The Beauty Recipes (Greenleaf Press March 2013) Erika Katz uses her parenting expertise to help moms bond with their tweens and teens. Erika is often sought after to provide her parenting tips on The Today Show, The Doctors, and Fox News as well as expert commentary in print and online publications such as ABC, Prevention, and Good Housekeeping. A former child model and actress, Erika appeared in over 100 commercials, print ads, and films. A graduate of Dartmouth College, Erika lives in New York City with her husband and two children. She now writes a popular beauty blog for mothers tackling the drama of the ‘tween years. Before college, Erika interned in the beauty department at Seventeen magazine. Using her experience at Seventeen, cosmetology classes, and lessons learned through her extensive work in television and modeling, she created a beauty guide that served as the foundation for Bonding over Beauty. Though the guide initially targeted young women, after joining several parenting groups Erika soon realized many mothers were unsure of how to bridge the generation gap when dealing with the beauty and hygiene issues their daughters faced. Believing that a parent’s job is to nurture their children’s self-esteem and happiness, she turned her beauty guide into a valued resource for moms that contain advice and numerous bonding rituals that can ease the difficulties faced by young girls growing to physical and emotional maturity.
10 Tips To Financially Prepare Your Student For

10 Tips To Financially Prepare Your Student For Post-Secondary

As parents, we have been saving our hard earned money since the time our kids were born to pay for the high cost of education. Many teens have worked summer jobs to help shoulder the burden. So, how can you teach your kids to be financially savvy so they do not come out of college with more debt than necessary?
08/08/2016 04:06 EDT
10 New Year's Parenting

10 New Year's Parenting Resolutions

Parenting is the most difficult job you will ever do. Each day is full of new challenges and issues. So, I decided to make a parenting resolution list because there are some things that I would like to do a little bit better this year.
12/30/2014 11:57 EST
DIY Mother's Day

DIY Mother's Day Gifts

If you are looking for a mother's day gift that shows you care and does not break the bank, try making your mom a little spa basket. You won't believe how easy it is and your mom will love it. Nothing says special like taking the time to make something just for her.
05/06/2013 12:45 EDT
Don't Let Your Teens Text Something They'll

Don't Let Your Teens Text Something They'll Regret

The cyber world is new territory and for now, parents must improvise when dealing with these modern obstacles to raising a teen. Between the new culture of sexting and social media sites like Facebook, teen self-worth is in danger. Here's how you can help your child navigate the cyber world.
12/05/2012 07:32 EST
How to Get the Perfect Fake Tan at

How to Get the Perfect Fake Tan at Home

I love the winter, but I do not love how pale and pasty my skin gets. So, I treat myself to an at-home self-tan whenever I can to give my skin a warm glow. But, sometimes it can get streaky or orange. So, I interviewed Monica Blanco from Colour Couture and she gave me some tips to get the perfect self-tan!
11/27/2012 08:03 EST
How Olympic Skiers Protect Their Skin on the

How Olympic Skiers Protect Their Skin on the Slopes

Olympic Skier, Julia Mancuso, is on the slopes every day. While temperatures may be low on the mountain, the sun's rays are still super strong. So, she has teamed up with the Spot Skin Cancer Campaign to help prevent and detect skin cancer early on. Here are some of her winter skin care tips for the slopes.
11/15/2012 05:27 EST
Which Moisturizing Products Do You Really

Which Moisturizing Products Do You Really Need?

Great skin is a process and you won't get it overnight with a cream that breaks the bank. But, moisturizers do make a difference. While I have researched and tested products for years, I called Kristin Petrovich from Sjal Skincare to help me navigate all the products on the market.
11/06/2012 05:30 EST
Halloween Safety for your Tweens and

Halloween Safety for your Tweens and Teens

Halloween is easy when they are little. You chaperone them trick or treating at 5 p.m. and they are in bed by 8 p.m. But, tweens and teens still love Halloween and want to roam the streets by themselves in the dark. How do you keep them safe? Here are 10 safety tips.
10/30/2012 10:37 EDT
Mammograms Hurt, But Could Save Your

Mammograms Hurt, But Could Save Your Life

Just three years ago, my best friend was bugging me to have a mammogram. I kept putting it off because I thought that was something for older women and I felt great. But when I did go and the technician asked me to come back in for another picture, I became nauseous, and all of a sudden I realized that I was vulnerable just like every other woman. What they found was not cancerous, but early detection is the key to survival. Make an appointment to get your breasts examined. It could save your life.
10/16/2012 12:17 EDT
Beauty Companies Against

Beauty Companies Against Bullying

October is anti-bullying month and the beauty and fashion community is doing something about it. If you read tabloids and devour articles about your favorite celeb's weight gain, cellulite, and acne you are part of the bullying. While I get you may still buy that magazine, you can help innocent kids get comfort when they are bullied. How? By shopping of course. Here are some fab products so you can do your part.
10/05/2012 12:07 EDT
10 Great Back-to-School Haircut

10 Great Back-to-School Haircut Tips

It's almost back to school, and the season is changing -- perfect time for a stylish new haircut! But what does "shoulder length" mean anyway? And what happens if you cross your legs in a salon chair? If you aren't quite ready to look like Miley, here are 10 tips to remember when getting a new haircut.
08/15/2012 05:01 EDT
Does Your Online Profile Make You Vulnerable to

Does Your Online Profile Make You Vulnerable to Cyberbullies?

The back to school time of year is full of anxiety for most kids because there is nothing worse than going to school and being made fun of, picked on or the topic of juicy gossip. While you can't control what people say about you, you can do things to avoid beind the brunt of hurtful comments about your looks. While many of these tips may seem obvious, I'll bet you have posted things about yourself that could make you an easy target.
08/08/2012 07:49 EDT
How to Help Your Kids Through

How to Help Your Kids Through Disappointment

My heart went out to Jordyn Wieber's family when she was cut from the all around women's gymnastics last night. As a parent, it is so difficult to see your child go through disappointment. They get to school and their best friends are in a different section together. They try out for a sports team and they get cut. They study for an exam and receive a mediocre grade. I believe how we help them through their failures often makes a huge difference in how they move forward.
08/04/2012 11:20 EDT
Three Hot Hair Trends for

Three Hot Hair Trends for Fall

It's time to get back to school and I wanted to find some fabulous, easy hairstyles that you can do before school in no time flat. Nicholas Penna, Jr., owner and lead stylist of SalonCapri, gave me some great tips to help you update your look.
08/04/2012 01:41 EDT
Should You Whiten Your Teen's

Should You Whiten Your Teen's Teeth?

As a mom, you may have noticed your teen struggling with self esteem. While it could be acne, weight gain or hormones, it might be your teen's smile. Are they proudly displaying their pearly whites or do they cover their mouth when they laugh? I spoke to Jennifer Vishnevsky, a contributor to and she gave me some great guidelines to help you decide if tooth whitening is the right choice for your teen.
07/19/2012 12:11 EDT
Five Tips for a Sanity-Saving Road Trip With

Five Tips for a Sanity-Saving Road Trip With Kids

It's summer time and you have dreamed of the perfect family vacation full of sight seeing, adventure, and great photo-ops. However your kids think everything you want to do is "lame and boring." So how do you make it a trip you will all enjoy? Here are some simple tips that can help your trip go more smoothly. HINT: It's all about keeping the kids happy and distracted!
07/17/2012 07:56 EDT
How to Keep Hair Looking Fabulous All

How to Keep Hair Looking Fabulous All Summer

My blonde tresses are taking a beating this summer. Between swimming in the pool, surfing in the ocean, and the summer heat, I realized I needed some help. So, I asked Nicholas Penna, Jr., owner and lead stylist of SalonCapri for some easy tips to keep my hair looking beach babe fabulous all summer long. Here are some of his great ideas.
07/10/2012 05:23 EDT
How to Raise a Confident Girl in a World of Photoshopped

How to Raise a Confident Girl in a World of Photoshopped Models

My daughter does not even read magazines but the girls on television that are popular are impossibly thin while the heavier girl is either funny or obnoxious. These images trickle into our children's minds and they meanly call other kids fat or tell them they are not pretty. As a parent, how do you build your child's self esteem when it feels the world is trying to destroy it? Here are some tips that I have found really help girls to be positive and confident.
07/05/2012 12:11 EDT
Boys Need Skin-Care Tips

Boys Need Skin-Care Tips Too

When my son came to me with questions about a sudden acne breakout, I realized I had prided myself in spending so much time educating my daughter about great skin care habits and had neglected to do the same for my son. So here are some tips for you to share with your son to help him keep his skin looking and feeling great.
06/18/2012 10:00 EDT
Is Your Sunscreen Doing More Harm Than

Is Your Sunscreen Doing More Harm Than Good?

There are so many sunscreens on the market with SPF's going as high as 100. It's hard to know which are protecting your skin and which are really just loading it with harmful chemicals that are being absorbed into the blood stream. So, I wanted to give you some quick facts to help you pick the right sunscreen.
06/15/2012 08:21 EDT