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Erika Lust

Erotic Film Director and Author

Erika Lust is an acclaimed erotic film director and author who pledges "to create new waves in adult cinema, to show all of the passion, intimacy, love and lust in sex: where the feminine viewpoint is vital, the aesthetic a pleasure to all of the senses, and those seeking an alternative to porn can find a home."

She is the director of five award winning explicit films: XConfessions, Cabaret Desire, Life Love Lust, Barcelona Sex Project, and Five Hot Stories for Her.

In addition, Lust has written several books including Good Porn: a Woman's Guide, The Erotic Bible to Europe, La Canción de Nora, and Let's Make a Porno: a Practical Guide to Filming Sex.

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Bad Sex Doesn't Sell Porn -- Or Fashion

Bad Sex Doesn't Sell Porn -- Or Fashion (NSFW)

Abercrombie & Fitch has been peddling billboards of apparently-naked men for decades and it seemed to work okay. American Apparel shocked and titillated with its early campaigns: using sex appeal to sell such sundry basics as t-shirts and socks. My theory? BAD sex doesn't sell. And this is one similarity between the porn and fashion industries.
07/21/2014 12:32 EDT
Go Deal With Your Own Insecurities Instead of Censoring Social Media

Go Deal With Your Own Insecurities Instead of Censoring Social Media (NSFW)

Rihanna recently had her Instagram account deleted after posting one of the topless photos from her very racy, very stylish spread in Lui magazine earlier this month. Even though Instagram maintained it was an accident (who in their right mind would piss RiRi off on purpose?) and reinstated the account, it had still been wiped squeaky clean.
05/30/2014 12:40 EDT
Dear Daughter, Let's Talk About Porn - Love,

Dear Daughter, Let's Talk About Porn - Love, Mom

This is the porn talk. By now you know what sex is (and what fun THAT talk was!), and in all likelihood you know more about porn than I imagine. Sex is a universal human experience, and a private one, which means I wanted you to hear about it from the people closest to you. But over the decades, porn has increasingly become part of the sexual experience, and I don't want to ignore it. Even of it's of no interest to you, you should hear me out, if only to indulge dear old mom.
03/06/2014 12:19 EST
Did Facebook Censor Me For Being

Did Facebook Censor Me For Being Pro-Choice?

"Page unpublished ... flagged for self harm ... What?" Don't get me wrong, as a director of adult film, I've been temporarily suspended from Facebook a few times. But my community manager pointed out that the pro-choice banner I had published a month ago was nowhere to be found. In English it reads "My pussy, my rules: free and accessible abortion." This image alone generated 1,200 comments -- 17,500 likes -- and was shared 29,000 times. That is, until enough members found the image offensive to their beliefs and flagged it, and Facebook subsequently dubbed it "self harm."
01/22/2014 12:09 EST
Why I Make Porn With

Why I Make Porn With "Real" People

So I've found my home in the indie erotic film movement because it reflects my own value that anyone and everyone can and should feel sexy. We are all beautiful, just as Dove says, and we are also all sexual -- so why should sexiness be relegated to a single type? I don't buy it, and this is thanks to a great extent to my career in the adult industry.
04/29/2013 12:21 EDT
With More Women in Film, Has Anything

With More Women in Film, Has Anything Changed?

A few weeks ago, my newsfeed was filled with stories from this year's Sundance Film Festival: "Record Number of Female Directors!" However, what little information I could find about the films centering around women with sexual storylines led to utter disappointment -- did they <em>all</em> just happen to be really dark, or is the female perspective on sex an utter failure?
12/28/2012 12:02 EST
What Sex Sells to

What Sex Sells to Women?

I don't believe any single person can say what women want, but I can say with certainty that women do want. And the sooner society, media and business realize that this is the case, that men aren't the only sexual beings, the sooner we'll have greater variety to choose from and representations that reflect us.
09/27/2012 12:10 EDT
How Julian Assange Made it Harder for Women to Report

How Julian Assange Made it Harder for Women to Report Rape

Julian Assange faces an Interpol order for his extradition to Sweden for the crime of sexual assault, though he has sought asylum to avoid these charges (among others). This case infuriates me: as a Swedish woman, a feminist, and someone who works to promote sex as passionate and beautiful act within the adult industry. Rape is a gross power play and the message to victims needs to be that, though they were violated, they can regain control through reporting their rape. I understand that many have no faith in the legal and political system, and that Assange is responsible for a lot of disillusionment in this regard.
08/29/2012 12:13 EDT
Fifty Shades of Male Fantasy? No

Fifty Shades of Male Fantasy? No Thanks

As a fellow creator in the world of sex and erotica, I'm glad when other women in the industry garner great success for their work. But imagine how dismayed I was then after finding out that <em>Fifty Shades of Grey</em>, this wildly popular series not only represented a relationship devoid of the components integral to healthy BDSM, but also some of the most male-driven fantasies and sexual stereotypes!
07/24/2012 12:01 EDT
The Kind of Porn You SHOULD be

The Kind of Porn You SHOULD be Watching

Porn is out there, it's accessible, and it's here to stay. Sex and porn are so inextricably linked that it's as impossible to imagine the world without the one as it is without the other. The problem with most porn is that it reflects a weird world of hairlessness, bleaching athleticism and diminutive speech. It's not real, and this can lead to some serious social problems for teens.
06/19/2012 08:01 EDT
How I Will Tell My Daughters I Work in

How I Will Tell My Daughters I Work in Porn

When people around me learn of my profession in pornography, they immediately start asking morbid questions. I'm used to this: Society has always tried to control our sexuality. But I'm not so much concerned with society. I'm more concerned with what I'll say when my daughters ask: "Mommy, what is your job?"
06/04/2012 12:01 EDT
CHANGE MY MIND: Should Modern Women Feel Empowered by S&M

CHANGE MY MIND: Should Modern Women Feel Empowered by S&amp;M Porn?

With the recent popularity of <em>Fifty Shades of Grey</em> by E.L. James -- a book which focuses on the relationship between a recent college graduate, and a young businessman with a sexual penchant for BDSM -- people are asking themselves whether this is a topic that empowers the modern woman, or is a fantasy which promotes their degradation and exploitation. What do you think? See if either of our Huffpost combatants can change your mind!
05/09/2012 01:53 EDT