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Erika Veh

Founder, Kismet Interior Design

Erika Veh is the founder of Kismet Interior Design and an incurable design enthusiast with a background in real estate. Passionate about colour, texture, scale and careful editing, she works tirelessly to create clean, classic and chic aesthetics sprinkled with vintage and quirky finds. She believes that big ideas don't need big spaces and that design and budget can coexist peacefully. Erika believes that beauty is in the details. Like a moth to a flame, she appreciates good design, fashion, travel, vintage books and wine -- in no particular order. As a devoted and doting mother of two adorable children, and the wife of a man who believes in spoiling her (just a little), Erika believes that the key to happiness is family.
Top Tips for a Gorgeous

Top Tips for a Gorgeous Garage

Let's pay some homage to the garage. The one room that we tend to fill to the brim with everything under the sun -- sometimes never to be found again. The garage typically gets demoted to the bottom of the pile in terms of design, organization and priority. You don't need a professional organizer or designer if you follow these simple steps.
04/07/2013 11:10 EDT
How to Style Up Your Fireplace

How to Style Up Your Fireplace Mantle

My living room poses a bit of a layout challenge. After arranging and re-arranging the seating area at least a half-dozen Type A times, I finally decided that what's missing is a focal point. Something to draw the eye in. I decided that what I needed was a tall, faux fireplace mantle. Here are my top five tips to style a fireplace mantle.
03/11/2013 05:23 EDT
7 Ways to Spruce Up Your Laundry

7 Ways to Spruce Up Your Laundry Room

It's hard to imagine the words "laundry" and "inspiration" together in the same sentence. It's not usually a room in which most people want to spend more time. Yet this was the request from my client: makeover her ho-hum laundry room. Here are some easy ways to give the space a face lift.
02/07/2013 08:17 EST